How to remodel a House unless we cheat Some tips to make the contract

By more business to us there are some remodeling in the home that we can not do ourselves and we must hire someone, in this case it is very useful to carry out a contract to avoid surprises.

Contract with specialized personnel

To remodel a House we must recruit specialized personnel, but this situation tends to produce us nerves and disappointment, since we do not know how to check the seriousness of these people, if they are responsible so that they will not perform tasks whose outcome is not expected, or directly we let half of the work.


So this does not happen to us and not run the risk of losing not only money but time and health, ideally is to establish a contract written between the parties. Thus you can make it clear which are the responsibilities and rights of each.

Tips for hiring specialized personnel

The following are some of the guidelines that may appear within the contract to remodel the House, setting tasks and acts to carry out both the homeowner for contractors.

The contractor and the company data. Name and surname of the main person with which we will try to the name, address and telephone number of the company to which it belongs. Also may be asked to submit papers with the proper authorization to perform these tasks. Do not accept a mailbox or a direction of mail, any problem, would need a physical location to which to refer.

Set a start date and an end date for the work. This will allow you to avoid the contractor to wait with the beginning of the work, situation that often occurs. And even though the completion of it may vary depending on climatic factors, the stipulation of an end date will help plan daily tasks.

Extra work. This possibility will allow us to make changes or add another task in the remodeling of the House, and the contractor will not refuse to them.

Payments. In this type of work is always customary to give a preview, but do not overdo it. Remember that percentage of the total cost will be granted as advance. You can also clarify that the rest of the payment will be made to go over certain works.(For example, plaster, paint, laying the floor, etc.) Work. Be very clear with respect to that type of work you want to and its results. Also make an agreement regarding hours and days of work.

Specify where you can leave the material they will need (this is very useful for not finding materials and tools scattered throughout the home or garden) and any other rule that comes to mind, for a larger organization by both parties during the remodeling of the House.

While this contract may seem a little annoying, not rely on a contractor who does not want to sign it, since that will reflect what you think to work in their own way, without taking into account their needs. Talk calmly but firmly with the other part and also accept some suggestions from them, after all, they have experience in these works and in how to perform it.

We hope that these tips to make a contract enable him remodel his home avoiding undesirable surprises.

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