How to rent an apartment and don’t stay out in the cold

Search for the ideal landlords today develops for many in a continuous problem. And cases where landlords are mere speculators, too far from uncommon. Often they offer already rented an apartment. In this case you probably will wait in the apartment already settled lodgers, with which the imaginary owner has already managed to take the pledge. To avoid such cases, experts advise to conclude a contract, even if you plan to rent an apartment for a short period of time. Do business only with owners of apartment is desirable.

Among the risks of renting housing, there is a danger of privatized flats. In this case, you can evict relatives of the landlord, who also spelled out there. To avoid this situation, you should immediately ask the landlord, privatized apartment or not. Increase in rent is also a problem faced by more than half of the housing. In this case, you must also enter into a rental agreement in which you must fix the amount of the monthly fee for housing, and the dates on which the owner has the right to demand it. It should also indicate those utilities that you agree to pay, and those who will pay the landlord, if any. Another danger that lurks pusher apartments is the immediate eviction. To avoid this problem, your tenancy agreement must also include this item. In particular, it is necessary to indicate the time frame in which you will be required to check if an emergency situation.

It is also desirable that the landlord has provided a fallback option, in case of emergency. To avoid constant visits to the apartment owner with the checks, it is also necessary to discuss and to include this item in the lease agreement. In addition to all these cases, there is also a danger that the landlord will ask you, once you exit from the apartment to spend it repairing. To avoid this conflict, should carefully examine the condition of the apartment, before you enter into it. You should also label all noticed imperfections in host, to avoid misunderstandings. It is also worth to save all receipts for your appliances and furniture that, in case of a conflict situation, you could prove that it is yours.

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