How to teach a child to rinse your mouth

Most parents begin to teach their children brush their teeth since early childhood. And properly do. However, you need a lot of patience and effort to accustom the child to ensure that the teeth to be cleaned. You will be quite a lot of time to teach your child to use a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as brushing your teeth the right movements. But here the next danger.

Water after brushing teeth, most of the children we spits,The main reason here is “delicious”,. How to rinse your mouth for the child becomes a problem, since he is not aware of the harm that may bring the frequent use of water from the toothpaste. Your child will love the pleasant taste. Very many also suffer a small amount of toothpaste from a tube. For them is another unusual delicacies, which is in the public domain. From these habits and need to wean from the beginning once the baby starts to brushing your teeth.

The task of parents is not long and boring to explain to a child, which damage can cause such habits, and effective and accessible, its wean off of it. How to teach a child to rinse your mouth? Teach this have gradually. Because of the high concentration of paste in your mouth and a light topping of the language of her child on anyone will be forced water. And this water it should spit out, not swallow. At each brushing, your child should give a glass of water to rinse the mouth. In a glass to add a teaspoon of salt was “tasteless”. After a couple of ingestion of such water, the child quickly will understand that it is better to spit out, not swallow.

teach a child to rinse your mouth

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