How to wean a child from sweets

All the kids just adore all kinds of sweets-with this statement, as nobody will argue with the fact that not all sugary foods are beneficial or at least not able to harm the child’s body, causing such trouble, like tooth decay and other dental problems, obesity, which has become quite common among small children, or just a different kind of digestive problems.

Of course, parents can simply deny children eating sweets in order to avoid the above health problems. However, absolutely preclude the sweet from the diet of the child cannot be, besides such a waiver was likely to raise children’s whims and tantrums, that too is not useful, so in this case it is best to replace in the diet of the child harmful sweet product more useful and no less tasty treat.

How to wean a child from sweets
How to wean a child from sweets

Instead of drops and other similar candies can offer rich in vitamins and microelements sweet berries and fruits as well as vegetables.

Chocolate in kids ‘ diets better prefer sprinkled, marmalade, Marsh-Mallow, various mousses and Souffles, in which you can add even a small amount of cocoa.
Delicious ice cream, cakes and pastries that are considered too heavy food for children can be replaced with yoghurt and tender cottage cheese with added fruit and berries.

Without exception, all sweet carbonated beverages also should be totally excluded from the diet of kids (they too harmful), replacing them with competes, juices without added sugar and by Berry juices.

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