I’m not pregnant, would you?

I’m not pregnant, would you?

I’m not pregnant is a phrase, unfortunately, very heard lately so any information, such as the following, will be of great help.

Why I am not pregnant?

Today there are many couples who have difficulties to achieve that long-awaited pregnancy despite the fact that medical tests have ruled out any physical abnormality in the prospective parents.
There is much talk of delay in the age of fetching the first son, but just another phenomenon that we are frequently in the consultations are taken into account.
They are locks formed in childhood because of negative emotional impacts related to the problems of coexistence in the family environment.

You can be an emotional question

Let’s go step by step. The first thing that must be taken into account is the person consists of four bodies, as the medicine emphasises holistic: the physical body, the energy, the emotional and the mental.
Each of them plays its role. When they all comply with its mission, the individual enjoys full health. But if the energy body is affected there will be repercussions in the other three.
Energy body feeds the power, air and Sun. It is responsible for distributing power to all parts of the physical body through the meridians.

How the emotional impacts affect us?

When a person suffers a negative emotional impact and is not able to release it at the moment, energy remains stagnant, transforms into matter and obstructs the Meridian.
As a result, energy does not circulate properly and that causes diseases of various kinds. A first common characteristic of all locks is the pressure exerted on the nearest bodies, which eventually ignite.
The second is that the cells that form the lock gain size and strength, and absorb the energy of his around, weakening the next bodies.
There are blocks which weakens the reproductive system
In cases of family root locks (quoted above) and paternal and maternal locks (resulting from the lack of understanding with parents), effects occur in the area of the Middle belly, right groin and left inguinal area, respectively.
In women, this translates into effects in the womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes and all the reproductive system weakened, preventing pregnancy. If the blockade occurred years later (in adolescence), the weakened area is the uterus and that is the reason why many women suffer a miscarriage between the second and the third month of pregnancy. The uterus does not have sufficient strength to hold the embryo.

Do they also affect men?

Male reproductive problems have implications for the quantity and quality of sperm (fewer, slower and weaker). Both in it and in it, often, these problems originate more emotional disorders.
Currently, it also common that one of the two members of the couple have lived the separation from parents and that this could provoke blockades more serious than family conflicts. In the early 1980s many separations occurred (the divorce law dating back to 1981) and the children of these early separations lived them so traumatic (some of them are young people facing now have their first baby)
This case will not be so common in the future, since the separations are now a standard fact and today’s children do not suffer that disgust with the same intensity.

Contraceptives have consequences

By way of Appendix before the end of this article on “I’m not pregnant,” I would like to quote another phenomenon that we are often today in the consultations: the consequences of contraceptive.
After many years of taking them, the woman’s body is saturated and slows down your hormonal part. It is a circumstance which must take into account the couples when they decide to have a baby.
In all cases, we recommend you consult with your doctor, therapist or other competent health professional. The information contained in this article has a merely informative function.

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