Industrial chicken a harmful food for health

Industrial means using large quantities of chemicals are now used to meet the strong demand for chickens on the market, situation that led farmers to no longer consider the recommended production standards. Thus the normal production time is a criterion which is more properly observed. Today, a chick is high in just 41 days instead of 81 days. Although the producer is good business, it endangers not only the lives of chickens, but also that of the people who will consume them. Moreover, a survey revealed that air and temperature control requirements were not met, situation with immediate effect to cause the death of millions of poultry.

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because of this unfortunate attitude, it was noted the deaths of more than two million chickens. However, it is important to note that chickens die not all despite the illness. Unfortunately, it would seem that unscrupulous breeders should proceed with sales defiance of the rules governing the professional livestock, thus posing a genuine public health problem. Nutritionists now believe that the high risk of cardiovascular accidents and other health problems various are related to the consumption of industrial chickens.

The problems mentioned by the nutritionists are largely caused by the power supplied to the industrial chickens that are fed using lots of chemicals to ensure rapid reproduction and growth. Thus, is given for example feed meat to chicken despite the fact that chicken little flesh feeds. Excessive use of antibiotics in the poultry industry is the basis of the proliferation of pathogens such as intestinal bacteria of type E. Coli and Staphylococcus. Known as the Bund, the German branch of the association “Friends of the Earth” sought the laboratory examination of 20 samples of industrial chickens purchased in 5 different supermarkets. The result is astounding: different molecules of antibiotics have been found in half of these samples that also contained the above-mentioned pathogens.

At one time, it was question of feeding chickens with animal flour containing chemicals that could undermine the long-term human health. The immediate consequence is the appearance of pathologies which specialists are sometimes unable to explain. The other consequence is that industrial chicken can be consumed in full to avoid even more serious diseases. You will see as well as in supermarkets, poultry is sold without its legs and wings. Indeed, research has shown that these two elements contained the maximum of chemical products. Therefore, we strongly recommend to avoid those parts of the chicken.

fish, eggs and products of eggs, pig heart, heart and liver, kidney, chicken, some food at alarming rates and that can be dangerous to the health of animals, But the addition of synthetic vitamins is for all harmful, Some manufacturers are trying even to a notation natural colour to use it such as dye food, especially for sweets and other with conventional chicken farms.

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