Influence of latitude on climate degree of transparency in the air

The zoning line determines the distribution of climate elements. Solar radiation reaching the upper limits of the atmosphere, depending on latitude, which determines the height and duration of exposure to sunlight. Absorbed radiation is distributed more difficult because it depends on white cloud of Earth’s surface, the degree of transparency in the air.

Climate Classification and Climatic Regions of the World

Moist continental mid-latitude climates have warm to cool summers and cold winters. Another location, at 60° North latitude, would be influenced by polar air is fairly high because of long days and a relatively transparent atmosphere… read more

Zoning is the basis for the distribution of air temperature, which depends not only on radiation absorption, but also conditions of circulation. Zoning in temperature distribution leads to other values of meteorological climatological zoning.

Influence of latitude on the distribution of meteorological values becomes more prominent with height, when declining influence of other climatic factors, related to the Earth’s surface.

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