Interesting facts about blinking

Most people know why we blink our – to clean up eyes and protect them from irritants. Every blink, this is part of our image with one eye blinking, something like the form of body language, which say, “Hi, how’s it going”. At first glance, the blinking is a conditioned reflex of our eyes, but there are a few things you probably didn’t know about the rapid closing and opening of the eyelids. We will show you six interesting facts related to the oddities that are interesting enough to keep your eyes open.

Cleans eyes blinking and moisturizes, protects them in this way from irritations. Women blink more often than men. The average person blinks 15 times a minute. If a person is anxious, frightened or tired, he flashes a lot more. Women who take birth control pills, blink more often than women who do not use such medications. Creator of the wipers for the car Windows, Robert Kearns who invented them, after the misfortune that happened with him in his wedding night.

The Cork of champagne in one eye, which led to irregular flashing and blindness. He created the wipers, which moved all the time, and not every few seconds, with the frequency of blinking of a person.

It is not clear why babies blink less than adults two times per minute, and sometimes less. With its growth children blink and blink as adults, when they’re about fifteen years ago. According to one theory, the babies rarely blink, because a lot of sleep and they don’t need constant moisturizing the eyes as adults. According to another they don’t blink when you perceive new things in the world around you.

All living things blink, except fish, snakes and other animals that do not have eyelids. Hamsters blink only one eye blink and the next they do with others. When the brain accepts us important information, blink our less often. When you don’t have brains to process with important information, blink our quite often. Pilots of the air force blink more often when flying over friendly territory, and a lot less when they’re over enemy territory.

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