Is it good to consume anti inflammatories

Faced with a coup or inflammation, we immediately turned to anti inflammatories, without knowing that this medication can do more harm than attempts to resolve. What to do in these cases.

The truth about NSAIDS

Accidentally suffered a blow or a strain, and the area begins to ignite. You run into the Cabinet and takes the anti-inflammatory of broader spectrum that you can find to reduce inflammation and, where possible, eliminate the pain.


Every day we are led by the commercial television and the graphics in magazines about over-the-counter anti-inflammatories that promise to eliminate headaches, menstrual, even combining analgesic properties, in a wide range of products from high-cost. Everything tells us that we must consume more and more anti-inflammatory drugs, almost every day, and this does more than prevent our body to carry out their own natural healing actions.

Inflammation is required

When the body develops an inflammation, it does so as a preventive measure. As appears a blister in the skin when you burn: is the way in which the organism isolated the affected area to allow the action of the own healing agents. When you suffer a twist or hit, the area swells to isolate and fix the affected site, and take an anti-inflammatory does rather than removing this barrier imposed by the same body.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, also mask symptoms needed for the proper diagnosis of serious health conditions. For example, the minimum pain on his back we use an anti-inflammatory analgesic, when in truth appropriate would be analyzing the symptoms (pain, its location) to know the source or root of pain, allowing consulted health professional to be able to determine the best treatment for the condition.

Inflammation is a necessary process for the body heal itself.

Why not should be stopped the inflammation and pain?

As we saw, the inflammation is a necessary process for the body heal itself. If you’re walking and twist your ankle, this is inflamed. Pain and discomfort will lead you to the most wise decision for recovery: take off your shoes stand a foot high, apply heat and cold, and allow the body to recover. But if you take anti-inflammatories and analgesics, pain and inflammation, the hidden beams disappear and you continue forward with your hike. This only make the condition worse: not only prevents the cure, but it also puts you at a higher risk of sustaining a new injury, or increase the existing.

What to do before a swelling?

Pain and inflammation, the first thing to do is to remove clothing and what can cause discomfort when pressing the area. We must allow the inflammation and support it in the best possible way, until normal conditions and we can go to the doctor.
Meanwhile, it carries the affected area to the absolute rest, preferably at the level of the heart line (at the level of the heart) or hardly more down, never up or down everything, thus allowing a better blood circulation. Remember that blood is the road that travellers autogenous physicians of the body.

To relieve pain and reduce inflammation to bearable levels, without deleting it completely, go to homemade treatment of cold and heat. First apply a cold bag (gel, ice, whatever unless you hit the area as the cold water from the tap would) for about 20 minutes. Then, in lieu of the cooler bag by bag heat: this will help to relax the muscles and allow a better blood circulation. Continue alternating temperatures every ten to twenty minutes, until you feel the pain vanishes.

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