Is it possible to advance to buy a stroller

There is a strong opinion that you can not buy a stroller and just do what a thing to a child’s birth. Type it is a bad omen. But why and where it came from and whether it is necessary to believe in it.

As we found out from various sources luck rather ancient but modern treated not as it was originally. It turned out that in the distant past before the birth of the child children’s clothes just so the house is not carried, it was believed that they simply can not show the evil spirits. So things are just hidden in the farthest corner. But of course everything is ready in advance, just no one to show.

Therefore, buying a stroller in advance however as much more can and should be !!! Leave all prejudices.

Firstly, it is a pleasure to go shopping and buy everything for your baby. Then wash again all the things (by the way, when and who will deal with this after childbirth) and iron, presenting them in his small. You can choose and buy exactly what you like, not what will give the relatives. In the hospital you go with peace of mind that you’ve got everything ready. And after the birth you will not be hanging on the phone, explaining what and what you need to buy. Enjoy your baby!

Even without knowing the sex you can buy all the neutral colors, did not dwell on the pink and blue. And in financial terms will all gradually, not immediately.

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