Is it possible to give children extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil – not only useful, but tasty product. It is completely absorbed by the body, and contradictions to him almost none.

Invaluable are the benefits of olive oil and pregnant women. This is a beneficial effect on the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus. According to the latest observations, scientists have found that the use of the future mother of this product significantly reduces the risk of respiratory disorders during the first months of life.

But is it possible to enter into the diet of young children olive oil? Scientists found that the fats that make up olive oil, fats similar to breast milk. Therefore benefits for the child’s body is large. After all, it affects the strengthening of bone tissue, formation of immunity.

When you enter the first feeding olive oil for children can begin to introduce seven months, adding it to soup or vegetable soup. Many kiddies like the taste that will surely please newly mothers.

Usually after 1-1.5 years of the child is transferred to the common table; special children’s products, it is no longer needed. Number of olive oil depends on what you do with it: if you fry it, it will take longer unless Served with – less within the teaspoon. As Taco strictly defined standard of consumption at the age of 2 years and Bolden did not exist, but in the 1 year the recommended rate is – 6 grams.

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