Is there a cure for Sebaceous cysts that appear on the eyelids without surgery

Sebaceous cysts – Ask a mother to my child always appear on their eyelids greasy bags, be conducted to get rid of them all at once, or that there are treatments for Sebaceous cysts on eyelids?


Eyelid consists of several layers of skin begins and ends with the mucosa lining of the surface of the eye, and stick to the mucosal tissue of the eyelid gives strength and cartilaginous contain fatty glands secrete oily substance through the slots on the edge of the eyelid and lacrimal layer on the surface of the azure eye as an oily layer reduces evaporation of tears on the surface of the eye.

In some cases a lipid accumulates within the sebaceous glands by what is known as a sack, and that results from blockage of the openings of the sebaceous glands after chronic eyelid irritation or conjunctivitis and disease associated to the edge of the eyelid or disease of the sebaceous glands and disorders accompanied by formation of cobalt in the scalp and eyebrows and face and skin dryness and refractive errors of length and myopic and causing congestion in the area of sebaceous glands caused by a narrowing of the eyelids to see clearly without glasses.

In some cases children are born with congenital replaces the sebaceous glands by Mystic accompanied by chronic redness and severe drought.

Fatty cyst symptoms through be redness accompanied by swelling and pain in the upper eyelid or lower eyelid leads to swelling and severe pain in the eyelids, in this case using warm water compresses immediately and deal with anti-inflammatories using cortisone ointments, drops and so lead to fatty cyst drainage or collected in the form of a circular bulge with painless eyelid greasy bags represent contains material painting in a closed perimeter, this may lead to large size bag of greasy, which may result in swelling and relaxes with eyelid Top or its occurrence toward the edge of the eyelid or acute inflammation.

It also requires dealing with the treatment of the reasons therefor, and, in the case of an increase of crusts on the edge of the eyelid requiring work hot water compresses before sleep and when you wake up for 5 minutes followed by rubbing with a towel when the eyelids eyelashes to remove crusts and allow breathing sebaceous glands, as well as in the case of the use of make-up and Kohl would require no sleep, as well as repair of fracture by wearing glasses to prevent closure of the eyelids partly to gain visibility.

Resort to surgery if no response to therapy and blistering fatty cyst, has recently been using injectable therapeutic substances different fatty SAC, so this helps to eliminate and not his return without opening it required surgeons to be blistering newly non-greasy cyst cirrhotic.

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