Itching of the penis

Itching of the penis – If there is redness or itching genitals – is always a cause for concern. Moreover , this problem causes discomfort , discomfort and weight of negative thoughts . But not necessarily that negative symptoms appeared due to indiscriminate sex or infidelity second half. There are many options from which such trouble occurs .

Itching of the glans penis

Many men in their lives faced unbearable feelings that emerge from the itching of the glans penis . Tolerate it almost impossible and highly undesirable. But in order to get rid of and eliminate the problem permanently , you must first know what is scratched from the penis. Causes of the trouble can be many, ranging from the most banal and simple to the most serious and unsafe.

Next, consider the causes on which there is an undesirable phenomenon. But mostly , this trouble is very easy to diagnose . If the time to assign an effective treatment , the problem can be solved very quickly. It can occur as a result of many pathological conditions. Basically it is allergic or infectious diseases . Unpleasant and annoying itching of the glans penis is often found along with other unwanted symptoms.

The most common causes of this symptom are diseases such as candidiasis , various fungal infections , as well as herpes.
Sometimes the cause of the problem are different insects ( pubic lice or mites ) . In this case, the itch can spread to other parts of the body .

If you do not observe the intimate hygiene ( daily shower or bath ), the penis can often suffer from this phenomenon. In any case , neatness and cleanliness will help avoid a lot of discomfort and disease.
But despite what provoked trouble in any case can not be scratched in the area of ​​intimate places , so as not to aggravate the situation and do not spread the infection .

If the probability of occurrence of itching excluded from non- intimate hygiene , and he does not go and does not decrease within a few days , then you need to take action quickly .

If there are uncomfortable manifestations desirable appeal to the dermatologist or other medical specialist . Only a professional can answer – why there is itching in such an intimate place and how to get rid of it .

In order not to aggravate the condition and do not have undesirable consequences for the entire body – not self-medicate or self-diagnosis . And to avoid this problem , you should use during intercourse reliable methods of contraception .

Itchy Penis & Jock Itch Cure

Redness and itching of the penis

If the itching is accompanied by art such as redness symptom, it is likely to candidiasis, or thrush in a national. Although other diseases. For more confidence in the correctness of the chosen treatment should consult with a specialist.

This disease causes yeast that affects the mucous membranes of the penis. Has both chronic and single manifestation. Besides redness and itching may experience symptoms such as dryness of the head, a bad smell, white patches on the foreskin may be uncomfortable and unpleasant urination and sexual acts.

Men get sick less often than women, and mostly after unprotected intercourse. Sometimes, the disease has no symptoms, but if go into chronic, it is fraught with negative consequences. May reduce the sensitivity of the penis and cause diseases of the genitourinary system, balanoposthitis or infertility. If not treated in time  itching and redness in the intimate zone began to bother, you should immediately consult a doctor. A clearly defined disease and competently prescribe treatment. In most cases it is possible to manage local treatment. In more severe cases, medications prescribed common action.

During the course of treatment it is necessary to give up alcohol, sweet and spicy, from sexual relations. Recommend carefully boil and disinfect underwear. As well as a course of treatment for a positive result must pass both the two sexual partners.

Itching inside the penis

If the head of the penis is inside itches, it is extremely important time to go to the hospital and deliver the desired tests prescribed by the doctor. Since this is one of the signs of venereal disease. Although this symptom can talk about less serious illnesses – to act in any case it is necessary quickly.

Itching or burning inside the penis is often triggered by infection. Are encouraged to survey primarily on diseases that are transmitted sexually. This can be Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, viral infection.
To determine whether treatment, you must pass a smear on the flora of the urethra. After that, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

Factors that influence the occurrence of these symptoms are different genital infections. Disease pathogens often melts opportunistic bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli and many others). Infection mainly transmitted during sexual intercourse carrier infection and healthy person.

To avoid such unpleasant manifestations in his own body to abstain from casual sex acts and the use of reliable contraception.

To be always in good shape and lead a healthy sex life need to closely monitor the state of their genitals. Prevention of symptoms that were described above, will be carefully intimate hygiene, spontaneous abstinence from sexual relations and condom use. In the case of itching, redness, or some other manifestation of discomfort in the genital area should immediately go to the hospital. Only there can accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment.

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