Lack of fast diets for weight loss and how to keep the result

Less quick diets in the application which you can lose weight in a week on the 10 kg and more will be the rapid return of former weight. In order for this to happen is not advisable to lose weight unnecessarily rapidly, because the need to consolidate the result maintain a new weight, which established, a very long time, for which the body gets used to the new State.

So, if one week you 10 kg, the weight must be maintained in all possible ways 20 months, i.e. the loss of weight in kg is multiplied by 2 (10 × 2 = 20).

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In all, if extremely necessary to rapidly lose weight in a week, say, 10 kg to any holiday, following the diet will do it. We wish you success and victory in battle with unnecessary pounds, but be careful! Fasting and fast weight loss is useful is not for everyone.

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