What is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Review

What is Laser Hair Removal – With the word hair removal for many women associate the unpleasant moments of life. The fact that the most effective method of removing unwanted hair on the body are those that cause pain and discomfort. Problem areas are hair removal bikini area, under the arms and legs. In this article we will talk about laser hair removal in these places.

Laser hair removal is the youngest Liumens method of hair removal. Its effectiveness can be seen immediately, since after this type of hair removal hair falls out immediately. Because the laser is contacted with the skin for a few hundredths of a second, the patient does not have time to experience pain. During laser hair removal hair surrounding tissue is not damaged and no skin left any marks.


Laser hair removal is used installation using ruby crystals, YAG, alexandrite or semiconductors.

Before you spend a laser hair removal specialist should determine skin type in order to set the desired depth and intensity of the laser beam.

Conducting laser hair removal begins with a thorough examination of the skin of the patient. Before epilating, about 2-3 days before it, the laser is being tested on the skin. 1-2 days prior to laser hair removal you need to shave off the hair at the point of execution, and immediately before the procedure, clean the skin from cosmetic products.

For laser hair removal does not require anesthesia. However, the physician should use protective cream on the skin. After the surgery to remove the hair on the treated skin is covered with a steroid cream and applied a cold compress.

Nuances of hair removal in the bikini area

Bikini most sensitive area on the body. Hair removal in this area is carried out not only in tribute to the beauty, but also hygiene. The process of removing hair in the bikini area is performed using a laser sensitive Nd: YAG. Before the hair removal in this area triholog doctor examines the skin and hair and sets the required intensity of the laser beam.

Before epilating the bikini area is necessary that the hair was not longer than 5-7 mm.

To eliminate the risk of infection all appliances before use and then processed by special means.

After laser hair removal 50-75% of the hair on the body do not appear for 5-6 years. In the best embodiment, disappears to 95% of the hair.

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