How to make a homemade metal detector

I recently discovered a very cool method of using some household items to make the local manufacture of metal detector! Find out how to make it yourself!

What you need to.

Everything you need for this project is, radio and some duct tape, and a calculator.

Let’s start

Start the radio AM station. Tune it to the upper limit of the range, but not directly in the radio station. Adjust the volume to the maximum level so you can fixed handset.

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Now, with both a calculator and Calculator mode radio near the radio until you hear a high tone.
Right corner, hard radio must become a minor sensation, you will notice the difference, but you may have to try different angles and distances between the calculator and the radio before.

Putting it all together

Once this position is found, then paste the calculator for the radio, keep the status.
When you do this, make sure that the radio static.
Now let’s test it.


Turn on the radio, trying to detect any type of metal. You will notice that the calculator issue beeps whenever you get close to the metal. Wheezing faster the closer you get to the metal.
If you pass this temporary device on the ground, and all minerals buried relatively near the surface will increase the voice of buzz.

Why it works

Works and why it loud come from computerized services radio signal producing radio frequencies. Radio waves are reverse calculator voice when approaching the metal.

This is a local metal detector making cheap and easy.

Watch the video:

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