Melon fasting day

In the season of ripening melons have a great opportunity not only to enjoy the taste of this fruit, but also benefit your body, arranging discharge melon day.

Melon contains a lot of Votes, like watermelon. Sugar therein 10% (as sucrose), but because of the large amount of fat and sugar is absorbed slowly. Many in melon iron inozida – a substance that regulates the intestine and even prevent hair loss.

It is useful to do on fasting days melon for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver.

During the fasting day should eat the flesh of the melon in divided doses (usually 5-6).

Calculate the number as follows: 1 kg of flesh in the 10 kg own weight. For example, when the weight 70kg should buy and eat melons 7kg (careful approach to the issue of the purchase of a melon – choose ripe fruit without damage, rot).

If during the day tormented by hunger, it is possible to add to the daily ration slice of black bread, a slice of cheese or cooked turkey, chicken. But it is better to eat during the day only discharge melon melon.

The usual daily diet melon eaten separately from other products, taking a break between the consumption of food 2-3 hours.

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