How much is the area of Turkey

Turkey country located in the Middle, flanked from North of the Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and cities East and South of the State of Iraq and Syria, and flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and yoked to maritime borders with Cyprus, Bulgaria and surrounding West Aegean Greece State, and this is a strategic location, as a focal point between the European and Asian continent, surrounded by the Marmara Sea from the Northwest, featuring Turkey rectangular form with a total area of 782562 square kilometers, with a length of 1600 km, width of 800 km, located between View 35 degrees and 43 degrees North, longitude 25 degrees and 45 degrees East.


Turkey’s climate is characterized by its diversity depending on the sea surrounded by water, where delis coastline located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean as a temperate climate, with high temperature and drought in summer, in winter it is cold and mild to humid areas, overlooking the Black Sea coast is warm and humid summers and cold and wet winter, with rainfall greater amount of rainfall in these regions as East Coast precipitation rate of 2500 mm per year, the highest rate in the country, in areas Situated on the coast of the Marmara Sea, it features the climate is hot and dry summers and cool and mild to wet winter, and the snow doesn’t fall into those areas.


Its economy depends on a range of important resources, including:

Industry: Turkey got ranked third in the world in the export of textiles after Italy and Germany and Turkey is famous for a lot of industries such as automotive and drinks and food and products to many countries around the world, including Russia and Bulgaria and Iraq and France and Italy, the Arabic States, and in 2011 the proportion of chemical industries where the income these industries to Turkey nearly 8 billion, equivalent to us $ 278 million.

Metal: Turkey contains a lot of mineral resources in its territory, such as copper, silver and coal add to zinc, as it is one of the world’s largest producer of chrome.

Agriculture: Turkey is the world’s most produced for nut, ranked seventh globally, European first frequent presence of groundwater, is famous for the cultivation of many crops including grain and barley tea and olives and grapes.

Energy: Turkey electricity generated from solar and wind energy, and currently generates through composting animals, especially chickens.

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