how much should i weigh for my height and age quiz

How much should I weigh according to your height and age? Ideal Weight calculator puts about their different characteristics and tells you what would be your healthiest weight.

Not all people are equal. We don’t have the same height, complexion, or weigh the same – count as genetics, structure factors and IMC (can calculate it here too)-so the healthier weight of someone is not the healthiest weight for someone else. Ideal Weight calculator takes into account their own and distinctive factors (sex, height, and age), and based on them calculates the ideal weight and healthy suitable for you.

If you want to find your perfect weight simply fill in the 3 fields of the calculator with your own data (sex, height, and age), and do the math.

The result of the calculator is simply a guideline, an online tool that helps you figure out what would be your healthiest weight. However, if you want a result more suited to their characteristics, we recommend that you visit your doctor or nutritionist. Only he can tell you your perfect weight and point you to a diet to get it.

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