philosopher’s stone what is it? Does it really exist

There was the philosopher’s stone really?

There were three things really? For the scientific rationalist spirit, Alchemy cannot be more than a huge trickery that dragged after their falsehood to thousands of spirits, which burned their lives in pursuit of the achievement of an unattainable ideal. And sustain this opinion in a scientifically undisputed fact: that alchemists employed means purely empirical work: not looked for, was not investigated, simply scouted, a purely irrational and instinctive way.

One of the objectives of the work of the alchemists was to discover the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life. The first philosophers were convinced that through a long cleaning processes should be possible to remove the natural “principle” that according to what was thought possible to gold to “grow” on earth minerals. The anonymous work of 1600 “The Sophic hydrolith” said that the philosopher’s stone is obtained from a mineral which in principle “free from thick, hazy, dull and dark” what gets “mercury water” or “water of Sun”, smell nice and very sparse.

twelfth of the God-given “gold” refined (cannot be used normal gold since it gets dirty if used for each day). The mixture melts to obtain a solid paste that has to be one week to fire slow. It then melts in a little water of mercury in a bottle with oval shape.

Then add the rest of mercury water little by little; It must be done 7 times and then the bottle is closed and is kept at the temperature which are brood eggs. After 40 days, the contents of the bottle will be black and after 7 days most small grainy particles will last.

The philosopher’s stone begins to form: at the beginning it is red, then white, green and Golden as the tail of a Peacock, then sparkling white and then burning Garnet. In the end “becomes itself, is completed and shines the revived body” and takes a beautiful red-purple color.

And on mineral matter that the philosopher’s stone can be says Gloria mundi (1526) to:
“It is well known by everyone, both young and old, there are in the field, in the villages and in the city… Nobody appreciates it though, after the soul of man, is the most beautiful and most valuable land object”

You have to add gold to the philosopher’s stone to get more gold. This is symbolized with a lion that swallowed the snake to transform it. It is said that some alchemists became old and decrepit while searching for the elixir of life. But yet we hear stories that some fortunate really found a way to lengthen the existence.

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