What you need to know about dental implants

What you need to know about dental implants – One of the best ways to restore physiological dentition – implantation. Reviews that leave patients use this method, speak for themselves. This method makes it possible to solve many problems that are still considered intractable. This way you can recover for the full restoration of the missing tooth, and to eliminate a large number of defects of the dentition. In the complete absence of teeth can be set four implants and they strengthen the bridge. Now this method of prosthesis became available in many dental clinics.

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If the denture securely fixed, it can be mounted on two implants using hidden locks. There is one very important advantage of this method of restoring the dentition. If implantation does not have to grind the adjacent, healthy teeth. Just remember that before implantation should cure all existing dental disease (pulpitis, dental, etc.), and be examined by a physician.

Dental implant – a small plate or helical structure, which are imported into the patient’s bone. He plays the role of the tooth root. After engraftment period (from 2 to 6 months), it is set crown. In order to ensure a good survival rate, the operation is carried out under aseptic conditions. Bits can be manufactured based on a conventional or precious metal, ceramic, composite materials, etc. Quality implant can last up to 30 years.

Now there are implants that are coated with a special biologically active layer, which stimulates and accelerates engraftment. This provides an opportunity to implant immediately after tooth extraction and install a temporary crown, which later will be replaced by a constant.

Many patients have no idea how to choose “their” crown. In this case, the main criterion would be the cost of service. But this is not entirely correct. Of course, high-quality implants can not be cheap, as is used for the manufacture of hypoallergenic, biocompatible and environmentally pure titanium. But only a doctor – a podiatrist can determine if you have the indications and contraindications to implantation, and what type of implant is right for you. It will help determine the type and value of the crown restoring the dentition.

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