does night eating cause weight gain

A new study, from the Salk Institute in California, has found that if you’re going to have a snack it is best do this day, in the hours before sleep. The research adds information regarding to control weight, showing that the time in which you eat may be just as important as what you eat. In other words, restrict your food schedule to a period of between 9 and 12 hours can help you to avoid high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

For the study, the researchers subjected to case 400 mice, which ranged from a normal weight obesity, to a range of diets and hours restrictions. They discovered that regardless of the original weight of the mice, what kind of food they consumed, and how many calories consumed, those who were fed over a period of 9 to 12 hours came up less weight that they ate without specific timetables.

The scientists also analyzed the effect that has taken a break from a restricted diet, for example during the weekend, on the health of the mice. Noting a minimal effect, mice that were fed freely at the weekend had a very similar result to which led to diet schedule restricted for 7 days a week.

Another result also showed that reverse unrestricted eating habits also can reverse weight gain. Mice that gained weight after being able to eat at any time, a lapse of time of 9 hours were subsequently put to a diet. They ate the same amount of calories that before, however fell 5% of their weight in just a few days.

Where the system to work with humans, then even those who have problems in improving their diet could improve your health by restricting intake schedules.The results were published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

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