One-day diet for kiwifruit

A day on a diet kiwi is very comfortable in late winter or early spring. Other fruits in this period is not enough. And after spending a day eating only kiwis, you charge the body with vitamins and energy (because in a lot of kiwi glucose, fructose, vitamins C, A, E, folic acid), clean the body of toxins. And besides, the kiwi itself is very tasty and low-calorie fruit (in 100 g contains only 50 kcal).

Kiwi improves digestion and activates metabolism, improves the body’s resistance to stressful situations. Another Kiwi – a wonderful remedy for heartburn and removes excess sodium from the body.

During the day, it is necessary to eat 1-1,5kg kiwi. Allowed to drink 2L of pure mineral water. Such discharge day on the kiwi can be carried out 1-2 times a month.

We must know that there are contraindications to such a diet. It is very allergic to kiwi fruit, kiwi fruit is not recommended to use if you have high acidity of the stomach, with irritable bowel.

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