Otitis medium acute purulent in children symptoms and treatment

Otitis  medium acute purulent in children symptoms and treatment-Otitis media – an inflammation of the middle ear, which is the most common ENT diseases . At the heart of otitis media is inflammation of the mucous membrane , which occur in the middle ear . Generally the outer ear consists of parts such as the auricle , external auditory canal and tympanic membrane , which separates the outer ear from the middle . The middle ear is a tiny cavity where the bone is located a mechanism which transmits sound waves in the inner ear canal .

And the middle ear transforms sound waves coming in special nerve impulses that enter the brain. Otitis media is an external , ie when there is an inflammation of the ear , or inflammation of the ear canal. And also takes otitis media, i.e. otitis media occurs . Typically, otitis media occurs when complications of infectious diseases such as influenza , angina , and others.

acute Otitis Media

Acute otitis media is a common disease of the body, where are the local manifestation of inflammatory and infectious processes , covering all three anatomical pneumatic components of the middle ear , tympanic cavity is , auditory tube and mastoid . According to statistics, otitis media occurs in 25-30 % of people who have ear infections , and this indicates that acute otitis media is a common disease . In the first place the frequency of the disease acute otitis are children under 5 years, and second place are the elderly , and the third are teenagers up to 14 years. Acute otitis media has no specific pathogen , and can not be caused by pathogenic microorganisms of different species, which include viruses , bacteria and fungal flora or their associations .

Trigger for the development of acute otitis media – is acute respiratory viral infections or flu. In addition, great importance in the development of disease and general play involving factors , and risk factors that favor the emergence and further development of acute otitis media.

symptoms of otitis

It is worth noting that the mildest form of otitis media is otitis externa , but apart from him there and inner ear infection otitis media . Regarding the symptoms of otitis media , it is usually aching with periodic

possible swelling of the ear and increased body temperature . Causes of otitis externa may be mechanical and tissue damage of the external ear , that is microtrauma to improper cleaning or injury to the ear . A mucosal inflammation in the middle ear is called otitis media . The danger of this type of otitis media is that it leads to very serious consequences . For example , it may be full or partial hearing loss , and inflammation can further spread , even on the brain membrane .

In addition, otitis media is usually accompanied by severe pain in the ear, hearing loss , feeling of fullness of the ear and rustle shimmer of water, and in severe forms of otitis media accompanied by secretions from the ear canal and fever, which can be more than 38 degrees . And if there is performed incorrectly and delayed treatment of otitis media , in the future it may lead to the development of internal otitis .

Symptoms of internal otitis very similar to the symptoms of otitis media , but in this case there is a high risk of complications , so require hospitalization and may even require surgical treatment of otitis media in the hospital. Besides, otitis, and many other diseases can occur in chronic and acute forms.

If it is an acute form of otitis media , it is very fast , a strong pain that every hour or even minute increases even more . If this form of chronic otitis media , it occurs more slowly and its symptoms are less pronounced , as the other forms , but this does not eliminate the potential danger of occurrence of this disease.

Acute otitis media

With regard to acute otitis media , it flows stepwise. For example, first appears mucosal inflammation of the middle ear , then a suppuration occurs perforated eardrum . Acute otitis media in general can occur quite easily, if there is no appreciable overall response. In some cases, this may take the form of otitis severe course having sharp reactive conditions by the organism. The causes of acute otitis media are penetrating the tympanic cavity infection. This may be due to a sharp weakening or hypothermia .

More acute otitis media can occur secondary and result from infections and complications resulting from lesions of the upper respiratory tract or post-influenza . In children, the disease can occur after suffering scarlet fever , diphtheria, measles and other childhood infectious diseases. More acute inflammation of the middle ear may occur after chronic or acute inflammation of the nose and pharynx . Depending on severity of the disease , general and local distinguish symptoms of otitis media . For example, in the ordinary course of acute otitis media often leads to recovery and full restoration of auditory functions. If conditions are unfavorable treatment , the course of the disease may become protracted sluggish nature or whether it goes into the chronic form.

In a typical course of acute purulent otitis media are three periods of development. For example , in the first period is the emergence and development of inflammation in the middle ear . In this case, ear pain is very strong and is gradually increasing , and in more severe cases, it becomes simply unbearable and painful that may deprive the rest . Most often, the pain is felt in the back of the ear , and by its nature it can be pulsating , tearing , aching or shooting . Quite often for acute otitis media may give pain in the teeth , neck, temple , or distributed over the head, as well as enhanced when blowing nose , sneezing , swallowing, coughing when , as in this case greatly increases the pressure in the tympanic cavity .

The next stage in the development of otitis media occurs perforation of the tympanic membrane and the effect of inflammation – suppuration . Then, after suppuration usually reduced temperature , but this painful process could last 4-7 days. When inflammation occurs first profuse suppuration , and then decreases significantly and pus gets a thick consistency . If the middle ear observed acute otitis media , the pus in this case has no odor . If in this case no external otitis .

As for the third period of acute otitis media , when this has been a gradual cessation of inflammatory processes , then disappears suppuration , normal work of the middle ear and tympanic membrane perforation heals . A duration of each of these periods may range from several days to two weeks.

Acute catarrhal otitis

This form of otitis media accompanied by inflammation of the middle ear cavity , which causes streptococci, staphylococci and other pathogens . Provoke acute catarrhal otitis can lowered body resistance, diabetes, hypothermia, vitamin deficiency, kidney disease, rickets, various infectious diseases and so on. Most often, the bacteria penetrate into the middle ear from the nasal cavity through the Eustachian tube , and it occurs when the heightened inflammation of the mucous membrane during acute rhinitis , acute respiratory infections , with flu or when acute otitis .

Factors that accelerate the spread of infection is coughing, adenoid growths , sneezing or blowing your nose wrong , because it is necessary to clean each nostril in turn . Natal symptoms of otitis media are noise in the ear , pain, feeling of fullness and hearing loss . And usually the pain in this case is rising character , so it can give to the teeth , felt deep in the ear or give in parietotemporal or occipital region . Besides, can observe discomfort when coughing , sneezing or swallowing that very often deprives the patient of appetite and sleep . And in the event of illness against the general infectious disease can dramatically increase the temperature .

On examination, the patient’s doctor discovers redness of the eardrum , and touch it very painful . Regarding treatment , when catarrhal otitis needed bed rest , and when complications require hospitalization. To eliminate the need to instill pain in your hearing aid carbolic glycerin and alcohol by 70% 5-6 drops in each ear . Next injected into each ear cotton wick at night . Additionally used physiotherapy , warmers and liquors compresses. A nose buried vasoconstrictor drops and microbicides . If the high temperature , the doctor prescribes antipyretics .

Acute otitis media in children

Typically, acute otitis media in children begins with sharp pain in the ear and fever. And most often it starts after suffering a flu or cold . The most important thing to do in this situation is to put behind your ear warming vodka compress and best thing to do it with camphorated alcohol , which must be diluted by half with water. Most often compress reduces pain and calms the child , but do not dwell on this need. Since the child immediately need to show a doctor immediately . It is worth noting that otitis their terrible complications that can occur if not treated in time the child. In addition , otitis media can become chronic or may lead to a partial loss of hearing.

otitis to complications of otitis media predisposes structure of the organ of hearing . After all, children hearing aid more tortuous than in adults , and is located at the end of the passage the eardrum , which is a barrier to hide behind the middle ear. And for this very fine plenochkoy located tympanic cavity , which has a tool sound conduction – it ossicles , nerves, muscles and blood vessels . Tympanic cavity consists of the auditory tube , which connects it to the nasopharynx , and which need to focus much more . After all, with various respiratory or other infections are most common in children , begins the inflammatory process , which is usually found in the nasopharynx . Therefore, through the auditory tube, which in children is shorter and wider than in adults , the microbes immediately get into the tympanic cavity .

Acute otitis media

This disease is a manifestation of inflammation in the tissues of the tympanic cavity , mastoid and auditory tube . Most often, acute otitis media occurs in childhood , but they can hurt people of any age . Inflammation in the middle ear can be caused by different organisms, it streptococci, staphylococci, fungi and viruses. Organisms are most often in the middle ear through the Eustachian tube itself and this usually contribute to this process in the nose, nasopharynx , paranasal sinuses , or in the presence of adenoids in children. A rarer by penetration into the middle ear infections is getting her through the ear wire injuries during the eardrum . Another occurrence of acute otitis media can occur when infectious diseases such as scarlet fever , influenza or measles , and there is another way of infection is through blood.

In addition , reduced ability to fight various infectious diseases , kidney disease , diabetes and exposure may contribute to the development of inflammatory processes in the middle ear . Downstream of acute otitis media is purulent and catarrhal . And in the course of acute otitis media , there are three stages. The first stage – an acute catarrhal otitis media, that is, is the emergence and development of inflammatory processes in the middle ear , and a further increase in symptoms that are associated with the accumulation of fluid – this fluid in the middle ear.

Second stage – it purulent otitis, i.e. the formation and accumulation of pus in a cavity of the middle ear, which results in rupture of the tympanic membrane and suppuration . A third step of acute otitis media is the remission of the inflammatory process which significantly decreases and gradually ceases suppuration , fusion occurs and then the edges of the tympanic membrane .

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