Who are the black Realtors

Most of us are faced with issues of real estate, at least once in their lifetime. Real estate is always costly, and therefore the likelihood of risk to the scammer is never ruled out. The definition of “black REALTOR” is hard and menacing. In fact, it’s just not licensed Realtors who are engaged in the

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Fraud in the construction of housing

More recently, construction of new multi-storey houses, country cottages, private houses, which are better known among the people as the new buildings. They are the tidbit for scams. Fraud in this area have become an unwritten law. First advertised a fabulous property with pretty decent prices, and eventually built a House is not the quality

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protect yourself from illegal actions of fraudsters

In this article, we present the basic rules upon which you can protect yourself from illegal actions of fraudsters. you cannot sign a document without first having examined it with all the care and scrupulousness. Better yet would be to consult with an experienced attorney knowledgeable housing law. when signing a document, be sure to

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Spagyric Spagyric medicine of the alchemists The Spagyric reborn with much force, today, thanks to the growing interest in therapies that seek to regain health in a holistic way. What is the Spagyric? The word Spagyric is originally from Greece and is made up of two roots: Spao (extract) and Ageirein (assemble) It is a

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