protect yourself from illegal actions of fraudsters

In this article, we present the basic rules upon which you can protect yourself from illegal actions of fraudsters.

  1. you cannot sign a document without first having examined it with all the care and scrupulousness. Better yet would be to consult with an experienced attorney knowledgeable housing law.
  2. when signing a document, be sure to request a copy of the document to sign. If you are denied your request.
  3. you should never rush, and agree on all proposals relating to real estate, especially housing. We recommend that you first check with family members and lawyers. If you really hurry up with the answer-a reason for thinking, or even interruption of all business relations.
  4. it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the business partner, and the firm which he gives, because there are cases of fraud. Check whether a valid location address of agent or his firm, if all the documents are authentic, as well as a license for permission to carry out substantive activities.
  5. all arrangements needed only in writing. When objection your business partner-think about it.
  6. carefully review the text of the Treaty. Remember that you have every right to change it, after consulting with relatives or a lawyer.
  7. in any case, do not give your Passport. If you need it for any document, tackle design themselves, or necessarily are present at registration.
  8. never sign the general power of Attorney, so how can you cheat not only wrong, but also native people. If you sign a power of attorney under duress, then, at the first opportunity, contact the authorities of registration of real estate transactions, having written an application that you cancel the power of attorney.
  9. negotiations should be conducted together with witnesses that, in the case of the Court, can be very useful. And remember: the scammer will always strive to remain in the shadows.
  10. remember that alone it is very difficult to protect their rights and responsibilities, so you should join with other buyers in the so-called partnership.

All tips can help avoid possible scams, which in today’s market there is a huge amount of real estate.

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