Reiki in animals

Reiki in animals

There are many veterinarians and therapists who provide Reiki in animals because the results are very interesting, and, in addition, there are no side effects.

What is Reiki?

In the Japan of 1922, in Mount Kurama, the monk Mikao Usui meditated when he felt a light in his Crown… was considered the first Reiki Master.

Reiki universal life energy, is a method of energy healing that is used not only in people, but that it is very effective in animals.

What is it based on?

It is based on the imposition of hands to channel and transmit the universal energy, balancing the seven chakras and restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. It is a powerful tool to harmonize and balance the body’s energy.

Recognized as a complementary therapy by the World Health Organization (who) to support medical treatments.

Many times we do it instinctively when something hurts us, we put our hand on the top of the condition is how we’re doing auto-Reiki. In Reiki, a series of sacred symbols of Japanese and Tibetan origin, are used to channel energy.

What are the symbols of Reiki?

They come from an ancient tradition of Buddhism, the symbols were considered sacred and were hidden. Three basic traditional signs for Reiki, there is more the master’s degree.

Cho-Ku-Rei: protection, openness and connection with the energy flow.
SEI-I-Ki: it harmonizes and balances emotions and feelings. Ideal to treat behavioral problems.
Hon-Sha-Ze-sho-Nen: it channels the energy of life.
Day-Ko-Mio: symbol of the master, creates a very strong channel that connects with the universal energy. According to the tradition is passed from master to disciple, so you have the power of healing.

Do I need to be Reiki Master to Reiki in animals?

It is not essential to be master to Reiki in animals, because as we explained before, already do many times naturally and spontaneously. Here we give you some guidelines.

Practice meditation or yoga, will help us to purify our emotions to transmit power without interference.

How do we do it?

We approximate the hands on the chakras (distribution is the same as in humans) we start with the Crown and descend by all energy areas.

We can also apply where the ailment occurs or we feel having weakness, as for example in the spine and extremities in case our pets when they become elderly.

You are a flow channel, let the energy flow through you, to your pet without expectations or distractions.

Animals more easily assimilated energy, without judgments or thoughts as we usually do the humans.

Can you give Reiki in animals but to distance?

You can also send Reiki to animals that are not physically at your side. We adopt a comfortable position and imagine and visualize the animal and the vital energy that we send you, we can help with a photo.

You can also do Reiki on animals that you see, but not you can zoom in, because they are very aggressive, or are caged in zoos, host, etc. They also need the healing energy of Reiki. Be out of its Habitat natural or your home, and be prevented to develop generates many deficiencies and imbalances.

In what can benefit them?

Animals have feelings and emotions like us, that means that also affects them environment where you can develop and live, when they are not in a balanced position, our pet or animal it can destabilize physical, psychological and energy, expressing it in behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, fears, traumas, emotional blockages, etc. Reiki provides wellness and healing in the body, strengthen the immune system and nervous.

You can also energize with Reiki, food, medicines, water, site, etc.

Treatment frequency

A Reiki session can last from 20 to 45 minutes, and 1 to 3 times per week. They are sometimes so relaxed they fall asleep, others you are showing in that area of the body need to receive Reiki.

Contraindications or precautions

Reiki does not have any contraindication, has no side effects, can be applied as an add-on with any type of therapy treatment.

Would that other therapies may benefit animals?

The treatment can complement it with acupuncture, moxibustion, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, energetic massage, phytotherapy, among others.
When we perform a treatment for a pet, we recommend that the owner also balances, generally recommend following some previous therapies, with excellent results.
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