Rent commercial real estate

For commercial real estate include buildings, which do not lead to housing. Search for the desired square is better to entrust professionals. After you select a REALTOR firm should conclude a treaty that clearly specifies all the requirements for the premises to be rented. When the desired area is found, of course, you want to make a commercial lease Act.

Before you sign a contract, you should:

  • check the availability of documents on the subject and identify the number of owners;
  • negotiate the rent, don’t be afraid to haggle-so you can save money;
  • find out if renovations, then who will pay;
  • clarify whether the rent price change, given the time of year;
  • also thoroughly examine the condition of the building;
  • be prepared that if things go uphill, then immediately rent rises.

In the contract on the lease of commercial real estate, be sure to specify the data that will determine the property passed to the lessee. If such data are not available in the contract, the contract shall be considered null and void. In such a case, each Party shall make the refund only received on such a treaty, and the transaction is considered void. The Treaty should clearly indicate the status of the rented building or premises, and do not forget to indicate that is located in the building, and in what condition. Usually formalizes such transaction for a period of one year, and such agreement shall be registered by the State. In order to avoid some potential trouble in the future, it is best to carefully and accurately draw up and sign the document. You should sign a contract both sides yourself without any substitute dies. It is desirable to sign the agreement in the presence of a person, well knowing the legislation, i.e., the lawyer.

Each such transaction is very individual. Foresee all possible issues that might arise in the process of preparing and signing the Treaty is virtually impossible. Why experts strongly recommend that, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings, invite to examine documents signed by the lawyer who knows the subject. In this case, as lease of Office or factory space it is better to trust the professionals.

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