Rent with option to buy

If you plan to rent a property with further right of purchase, you should give preference to apartments, fully insulated, fully fit for existence, as well as meet absolutely all needs. Agreement to such a lease may not be made in respect of those premises which are subject to overhaul, but also burdened with certain collateral.

The basis for such a lease is a bilateral agreement. The top should be stated, with whom contracts, as well as, for what reason. In addition, describe where the property that is passed to rent with further purchase. You also need to describe the technical characteristics, absolutely all the conditions under which is available for rent.

You can transfer money to the owner of the parts during the lease, in addition to rent. You can also pay the full amount upon termination of the lease. The price of the real estate object, you must specify in the agreement. In addition, the item should be included in which are written the responsibility of different parties for having failed from buying or selling.

During this period, during which must be purchased a property, should not exceed the period of the lease. In other words, the tenant must make the full amount, as well as redeem the property before the time, until the end of the lease period. As a rule, lease agreement the right of acquisition must not be more than 5 years.

It follows from this that all documents must be registered in a special section. To do this, go to the registration center with their documents, which establish the right to housing, as well as with the agreement and photocopied all other securities. In addition, you must pay the State fee. Afterwards, will be recorded in the register, the data about rent with further purchase right.

Ownership of this property goes after paid the entire amount. After that it will be possible to register ownership.

Thus, rent with further purchase has its pros and cons. Decide whether to use it or not, you are. Prior to this, weigh the pros and cons, and only then decide.

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