Rent without intermediaries

Accommodation without intermediaries-the main purpose of each tenant. This is due to the fact that brokers or real estate agents for services provided to tenants, charge a Commission. The Commission is paid does not own their apartments, and tenants. It is they who, in addition to the basic payment per month must pay the costs of intermediaries that can reach 100 percent of the monthly rent. Choose an apartment without mediators prefer not only tenants with disabilities, but also wealthy citizens, who do not want to overpay.

Where to find apartments. Rent an apartment you can as quickly as possible due to the presence of many proposals for renting from the owner. Familiarize yourself with such ads can be periodic publications both in print and on the Internet. Print media, despite popularity among readers, yet lose the Internet. This is due to the fact that they could not to react quickly to market changes.

Often printed ads, which, at the time of the study are irrelevant, and that means using newspapers to search for an apartment can only increase the time and cost of tenants. On the Internet you can find the actual database of apartments in all neighbourhoods. Here is the constant updating of databases, so all rental are fresh, available for consultation.

In addition, the owners, by placing ads on the Internet, was escorted not only textual description but also photographic images, allowing to get a complete picture of the rented object. You can withdraw any apartment from the owner as a Studio and luxury with full furnishings, designer repair.

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