Robot books ticket to travel on a plane

Robot wearing sports boots travelled on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, heading to Germany, becoming the first man to travel with a ticket paid on an airplane.

He robot-the Athens tombradli international lounge in which wheelchair to Lufthansa platform to get his ticket to travel to Frankfurt in Germany. Television crews crowded and there’s lights, camera and cell phone cameras to people photographing passenger Android phones that “robot”.

And manufactured Sarcos for engineering and production of robots and robot she enticed your twist Athens City-based and purchased including the Max Planck Society in Germany that seeks with researchers at the University of Southern California to make Android a very serious human tasks such as disinfection following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in Japan.

A researcher with the Max Planck Society Alexander Herzog, who was pushing the wheelchair robot Athens airport “does not want to go to there and to sacrifice their lives.. I would like to perform the same task as the robot open doors and cleansing. “

Got Android on economy-class ticket but enjoy special treatment, including lack of commitment to the role in the ticket queue and apply directly to get the ticket.

A spokeswoman for the airport said that the robot did not pass through the gates the usual metal detectors but was waiting for a special device for straightening the body to detect sources of risk.

And turn off the robot during the flight during which Herzog accompanied by one other researchers at the Max Planck Society.

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