Is it safe to use mobile in pregnancy?

Studies suggest that it does not constitute a health risk in the short term. However, prevention is better than a cure, especially if these phones are relatively recent and therefore it is impossible to know the long-term effects. read (What is the best home pregnancy test).


Broadcast mobile phone low levels of electromagnetic radiation is ionizing radiation “(from ionization and a gain or loss of electronics by electric discharge or radiation or a chemical reaction), just like the TV and computer microwave and other appliances or the surrounding natural resources we are exposed every day. The rays are “non-ionizing radiation” lighter “ionized” emitted x-rays for example machines, radiation therapy, CT scans, which are dangerous to the fetus.

Mobile phones are sorted according to the level of electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves within the field of radio frequency) broadcasts. Reflect the value of the rate of absorption of radiation is the upper limit of the amount of energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. The higher absorption rate in the phone, the higher the amount of radiation absorbed by your body. You can check your absorption rate:

  • In help using the phone.
  • On the website of the manufacturer.

Support the amount of energy that sends your phone over power transmissions. More power, less power required by phone to connect and your absorption rate decreases. So, use your phone only when you have to send a robust level of rays that have run low. To use phone tools that will help you avoid holding it by hand and place it directly on the ear reducing display head to special absorption rate when talking over the telephone, but this rate increases to other parts of the body, and this should be avoided during pregnancy.

With the experts that non-ionizing radiation does not hurt a fetus because they are less hazardous electromagnetic ladder. But you can avoid them by following these steps:
Limit the use of mobile phones as possible. Send a short message when necessary or use a landline.

Do you lengthen talking on phone

Avoid using the phone if the transmission is weak, and find a better place to make the call (e.g. outdoors or near a window) if transmission is better.

Bought phone tools that will help you avoid holding it by hand and place it directly on the ear to keep the distance between your brain and your phone, or do you approach him out of your head a lot.

Remember that using a mobile phone (whether you load him or you indirect tools) while driving lowers your response and your attention, if you are pregnant or not. So, open yourself to the risk of an accident if you use the phone while driving.

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