School desks in terms of health

School desks in terms of health – Such common disease among adolescents as scoliosis, kyphosis and low back pain develop in school. Large amount of time, sat out for textbooks and notebooks, reflected on the spine of the child. Sedentary lifestyle affects posture and back problems. In order to minimize them, you need to properly arrange the workplace child.

To spin your baby was healthy to sit properly at the table. Here are important indicators such as the distance between the back edge of the table and chair, height countertop height of the chair and the chair back. These figures take into account children’s furniture manufacturers. That’s why the party is considered to be the best option for arranging workplace child.

But, desks are different. Therefore, this kind of baby furniture is important to select or set (in this case, if it is assumed by the manufacturer). When a child sits behind the desk, his thighs should be parallel to the floor. As for the hands, the elbows should not hang from the table. Ideally, the hands from the elbow to the wrist as well as your thighs parallel to the floor.


Legs student must stand firmly seated on the floor. If this can not be achieved due to the small growth of the child, the parties must have a special footrest.

As I said above, the correct landing minimizes strain on the back of the child, and thus helps him avoid the problems associated with immature muscle skeleton spine. Back and thighs while landing at the desk should form a right angle.

In addition, important and another parameter desks – the distance from the seat to the floor. It depends on the child’s growth. For high school student growth 130-139 cm chair should be at a height of 38 cm from the floor. Child growth 120-129 cm should have a chair height of 35 cm at two centimeters below the chair must be a child 110-119 cm.

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