Scientists have learned how to convert air into alcohol

Scientists at Harvard University have learned to turn air into alcohol. Enables specialists to create a new type of bacteria that can metabolize hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and received as a result of alcohol-containing substances. Bacteria called Ralson eutropha was created through genetic engineering. Originally designed to recreate the process that occurs in plant leaves, but after adding genes, bacteria able to produce biofuels. According to researcher Daniel Nocera.

American scientists have learned to make alcohol from air

Scientist from Harvard University (USA) Daniel Nocera brought up the bacterium, through which carbon dioxide from the air is converted into …. read more

American scientists have learned how to make alcohol from the air, a researcher from Harvard University (USA) Daniel Nocera has brought through which bacteria are processing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into hydrogen. New bacteria called Ralson eutropha. She created through genetic engineering. Bacteria initially designed to mimic the natural process of turning carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the ATP, as occurs in plant leaves. However, unexpectedly open the ability to produce alcohol is more important. Bacteria can form the basis of the new.

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