What is the secret of the philosopher’s stone

Since ancient times. And many scholars travelled and venture All have to discover something dazzling for the whole world. Something Wish by Kings and Princes and rich in every country. So Which restores them to life and fill the vaults more gold Switched from cheap metals are not worth anything. You may also like: philosopher’s stone what is it? Does it really exist?

More than one – including myself – will surely be an admirer of the great history of the boy wizard Harry Potter, or at least will be aware of it and its author, the famous J.K. Rowling. As all fans will remember, the first installment of the series began under the title of “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”, which was the most sought-after object by the heroes and antagonists. This leads to two questions: what was the reason for your search? and truth is the stone there?

The philosopher’s stone is not the invention of the Rowling. His legend really exist since ancient times and was scattered by the alchemists, who were a kind of witches in the Middle East with knowledge of chemistry and philosophy,

forerunners of the current modern sciences.

According to the alchemists, coveted stone was able to convert seemingly insignificant gold metals, whether it was red, or silver, if it was white. This process was called transmutation, which refers to change the nature or characteristics of an element according to the change of its qualities.

But the real reason for the greed of many characters who longed for to get it to as place – and you see in the movie–was that if the stone could be minor gold metals (metal more takes to oxidize), also could be used to cure diseases and prolong life, which was called “The Elixir of youth”. However, to make use of it, the alchemists indicated that people had to transform his spirit and have no profit or power.

Despite efforts to find her, the philosopher’s stone will always be an enigma for all mortals. First by the formulas written by the way wrong way so that never reaches to know how to make changes in gold and second, because it really has not been proven that this transformation takes place in reality.

In case we got to find this source of wealth and youth stone and use it without a positive purpose – how the save the life of a good person –, the curse of the alchemists and our own greed we pursue: “gold will cover the body entirely to kill him”. Although we are not sure that is met, it is better not to risk us in vain.

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