Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce

Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce-During the divorce and division of property acquired in a mortgage, there may be two versions of events. Since the banks are willing to insure against risks in the event of divorce spouses, and lack of income of one spouse does not allow yourself to get a loan secured by real estate, the mortgage is often made ​​out to both spouses. Then section apartment is fairly easy and difficult: in half between husband and wife.

Note, however, that in equal parts to share not only real estate, but also the debts of the rent, bills to pay utility bills and even pets.
You must also be aware of the term of limitation. According to him, the division of property after divorce should be made in time after the dissolution of the marriage up to three years. That is, after three years, to present their claims to the property no longer makes sense, as former members of the family by the time do not have any rights in the housing. This can be avoided by submitting proof of the impossibility of going to court in this period of time for any good reason, such as illness or a business trip. Hence, the solution of housing problem should be dealt with immediately after the dissolution of a legal marriage.

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