sexual dysfunction among males

Various studies have shown that globally similar results, where the proportion of sexual dysfunction among males aged 40 and built 70 50-60 percent. And may accept some of these patients that case as the expected result or that cannot be avoided, but in fact doesn’t have to be that way. That erectile dysfunction is a job stems from the good performance of the blood vessels. And if there is damage to the inner lining of the vessels that bring blood to the penis or penile structures itself, caused by factors such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure as a result of diabetes or the like, then the loss of erectile dysfunction is imperative. Thanks to new drugs that have proven effective in many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as it is now they don’t have to live with this situation anymore. However, when a large percentage of patients, the pills taken by mouth does not show the effectiveness or benefit because of side effects, or the financial cost or complications. At present, the process of cultivation of the dildo allows men to exercise their sexuality-and of course their social life.

penile implant cost

Have used artificial penis members since the 1970s. These devices can handle erection problems at all levels. Since the 1970s, has done a lot of improvements with respect to the same devices and surgical techniques used. Basically there are two types of penile implants: floppy and removable inflatable. The flexible devices are individual rods with susceptibility to bending. The device is inserted into the penis and hide. The patients with a downward or sideways so that can be seen under the underwear. As the name implies, the inflatable members plantations have pumping systems, when the pump runs fluid fills the machine to resemble original; erection when sexual intercourse, modifies the button remove activation path of liquid to its warehouse because of the low level of rigidity of the penis. And both are cultivated within the penis by surgery and cannot be differentiated from the outside. As for the sexual sense, there is no difference from normal intercourse, as the head of the penis where the nerves are not harmed during the operation. Nor is there any difference in terms of libel.

What are your expected before and after surgery.

Most complications are infection of intimidation operation. He is planting a foreign object into the body, they must be instruments used in sterile surgical process very carefully. Especially in patients with diabetes who are more susceptible to natural persons, it is important to good preparation before operation. It is necessary to control blood sugar and eliminate any appearance of infection such as the flu, etc. Before starting the operation. All patients are given antibiotics before surgery, it is also recommended to have antiseptic SOAP to use for penis and scrotum area every day till surgery. This surgery takes only one night, stay longer in the hospital may lead to increased rates of infection. Wake up sick and urinary catheter was developed after surgery. And will be removed once the patient’s ability to move. And will develop as a cold and a bandage during the hospital stay, also recommends an ice pack for 3-4 days after surgery. All patients should expect some swelling and some degrees of trauma in the scrotum and penis. Will antibiotics and painkillers for a week after surgery. All patients are prohibited from sex for six weeks after surgery to allow for full tissue recovery. Clinical visit date will be 6-7 days after surgery for sutures. It is recommended that you use the tight underwear to mitigate the rate of swelling.


After surgery

Good luck in the new love life. The rate of satisfaction with the process of cultivation of the dildo is over 95%. Although this operation is not very complex, patients should be advised to take into account the professional experience and attention to the surgery group and the hospital. The sterile operating room, and all the equipment needed and required, and experience of the surgeon and his team to overcome any complications that may arise during surgery-are all factors determine the quality of the results of the operation.

You may feel that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, if needed, and would urge Qatar if I have the surgery since early times. You will have a high level of self-confidence and will regain a sense of romantic with your partner.

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