Sexual fears of man

Sexual fears of man

There are fears about sexuality in both men and women, but for cultural reasons is given to male greater responsibility in achieving a good sexual relationship.
Sex is very important, almost could be said that it is essential in relationships, however sometimes the quality of the sexual relationship will deteriorate to become a real problem.
Consult with a specialist as before so that you find the origin of the disorder in already is, by organic or psychological problems and contribution the therapy best suited to each case, is recommended if you want to enjoy a healthy sex life.
Urologists and andrologists well as sexologists, will help to solve the possible sexual fears of man and of the couple together.

Honey, you are worth much

Fear is basically insecurity resulting in a fear of rejection or failure in achieving a satisfactory relationship.
The man in this emotional state of great anxiety feels that it has the main role and key result of evolution and must ensure your partner pleasure to feel better lover.
Despite this, the changes that women have suffered in recent years have not helped so that men will reaffirm their masculinity, but rather on the contrary, the result of more women who know and ask for what they want.
Therefore, it is not of experience or age limit, the person psychological conditions that predispose it to suffer these sexual fears.

Etiology of sexual response

The complex sexual responses of men and women depend on multiple factors, as stated by Dr. Helen S. Kaplan. Anxiety before sexual intercourse and inhibitions learned of sexual response are often the specific causes of sexual dysfunction, but they can also have other causes.
A satisfactory sexual act depends on a complex sequence of hormonal and physiological processes that are very vulnerable to emotions. In addition, sexual response, both men and women, depends on optimal hormonal balance, with an adequate level of androgens.
It is known that chronic stress, depression and frustration can produce a decrease in the level of androgens. Thus, prolonged and adverse emotional States in time can cause psychosomatic disorders, including sexual dysfunction.

What are the main sexual fears of men?

The most common fears that have some men around sex are:
Erectile dysfunction: more commonly known as impotence, when in the course of sexual intercourse the male is unable to maintain an erection. Sexual intercourse becomes impossible or very unsatisfactory. Organic and environmental factors can contribute to impotence as the consumption of alcohol or drugs, medicines for hypertension, diabetes, etc. Although physical causes explain some cases, psychological factors are determinants of the majority of erectile dysfunctions. Although, it is normal that the problem becomes worse with age, it can affect men of any age range.
Ejaculation: sexual intercourse is possible, but the male loses control of his ejaculation that occurs normally much before desired. Consult a sexologist is the best recommendation.
Dyspareunia: pain during penetration usually produced by an increase in sensitivity of the Glans, but also the phimosis, injuries and wounds of the penis can cause pain.
Priapism: it is a less frequent dysfunction that is characterized by involuntary and painful erection, the penis can’t relax after sexual intercourse. A must visit a medical specialist.
Anorgasmia and Anafrodisia: are both orgasm disorders. The anorgasmia is characterized by the inability to have a normal ejaculation, and the anafrodisia, is a total lack of sexual desire. Psychological disorders are the main cause of the blocking of the sexual pleasure.
Penis size: the size of the penis is not the fundamental to obtain sexual pleasure, but some men (and women) still believe that.
ETS:o Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea and hepatitis B among others. Safe sex relationship casual, caring for the hygiene and always with a condom would eliminate this fear.

Make love, not war

Some men live their sexuality as a constant test their masculinity and self-esteem. Sometimes, requested permanent availability for sex, and most of the time is not possible.
As a result, these requirements can generate insecurity in more sensitive men who consider diminished self-esteem.
Of course, all these facts negatively affect the sexual life of the couple.
Many males to sexually satisfy your partner lives almost as an obligation,

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