Sexual myths

Sexual myths

Sexual myths, what’s true?

Sexuality is an important part in the lives of many, but it can be very frustrating if you take sex as normal and healthy myths.

What are the sexual myths?

By sexual myths we refer to those beliefs that are taken as certain or ideals in human sexuality. They have no basis and are based on false interpretations or prejudices of the sexual performance of men and women.
Even in recent years, this is clearly reflected in the film, whose bed scenes are created to be Visual and attractive. At the same time there are as it is that relationship, in few seconds. That is why, in most, both have orgasm at the same time (question time).
When these beliefs become “vox populi” and cross generations become something extended, which gives them greater strength as if they were something true (“Always has been said…”, “as everyone knows…”). Little more or less this is the recipe to create a sexual myth.

Why are harmful sexual myths

Sexual myths are damaging because they are taken as certain. In some cases, these false beliefs are about sex in general and generate expectations of sexual intercourse. Expectations that if they are not met, having a relationship healthy and Super, you can believe that there are problems, going back to the example film, have simultaneous orgasms with your partner.
This can produce, especially among young couples, a feeling of insecurity, not only in the own sexuality, but in the relationship itself. In older people myths go, usually in relation to the loss of capacity and sexual desire, both the man and the woman.

Some sexual myths

Myth: Men have always wanted to have sex.
Reality: Comparison and statistically, men “tend” to have libido above the women’s, but they do not always have wanted to. Stress, satisfaction sexual or even, at any given time, prefer to share another activity with your partner is not only normal, but healthy.
Myth: Women having more sexual desire that man is sex addict or the man is impotent.
Reality: We must not forget that we are people and not statistics. Although there is a tendency, can be healthy men sexually whose desire is less than your partner for different reasons.
Myth: In the first sexual intercourse, it is almost impossible to get pregnant.
Reality: The risk of pregnancy is always the same when contraceptives are not used and are other yardsticks which must be taken into account.
Myth: Sex during pregnancy should be without intercourse, since this is harmful to the fetus.
Reality: Sexual intercourse is completely harmless to the fetus except prescription abstain for some underlying reason.
Myth: People of certain races or countries have greater power and sexual desire.
Reality: There are No races or countries of most powerful women and men. Culture and customs of each country can facilitate more or less sex, but they do not create more powerful or more active people sexually.

Our tips

Sexuality is something personal and diverse. Every couple has its rhythm, nuances, aspects, etc. There is a standard and most of them are sexual myths. You can tell apart them because they are usually generalisations and these are pure fallacy. It is important that you feel satisfied with the relationship of intimacy, game and complicity that settles down with his partner.
But if you believe you have a problem may be true and best to overcome the taboo and consulting with a professional sexuality before that guided by the sexual myths.

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