Solutions to the problems of erection

Solutions to the problems of erection

When we seek solutions to the problems of erection shall we consider that problems may be physiological or emotional order.
Erection problems do not interfere only in the sexual life of the couple, but in many cases are a “notice” of other health problems.

What are the problems of erection?

Generally, men suffering from erection problems, it is uncomfortable to talk to a doctor. However, there are powerful reasons for health to do so.
Erection problems can be a symptom of obstructed blood vessels, diabetes, and hypertension, among other causes. If you do not go to the doctor, you will not receive the treatment appropriate to these problems and overall health will be affected.
It is important to remember that sexual intercourse healthy form part of a healthy life. You must not feel embarrassed by need solutions to erection problems. You should seek help. Erectile dysfunction is a problem with health, and medical health daily problems.
The family doctor is usually recommended to make an appointment with a urologist, who is the medical specialist in sexual and urological disorders.
The urologist will propose various treatments for lack of erection. For many men, treatment is reduced to taking a pill, but others have to try various options before giving the treatment best suited to your case.
It must not be expired if the results are not immediate since finding the best treatment for each case can take some time.

How live women partners erection problems?

Numerous inquiries from Sexology are performed by women concerned about the problems of erection of their partners. The position of men and women before erectile dysfunction tends to be very different.
Heterosexual men with a problem of erection fear that fellow put in doubt his masculinity or to leave them for lack of sexual satisfaction.
Couple of men with erection problems, women tend not to complain about not having full sex or their partners as little “manly” men.
On the other hand, which often concerned about women is the fear of not being attractive enough, not get aroused them.

Not I doubtless sufficiently attractive?

It also happens, sometimes, that when the man has no erection, women feel that it is questioning its own appeal and reacts with anguish. Therefore this distress usually arises from doubts about its appeal and not, that sexual intercourse have not been performed or have not enjoyed sexually (forms of pleasure are multiple and, therefore, sexual intercourse is only one more) as believe many men.
The sexologists recommend, when they seek solutions to the problems of erection, putting importance to sexual intercourse, is one technique more and not the only or the best to achieve the female orgasm.
When there is some tension before sexual intercourse, it is convenient to relax and gain confidence with your partner, making intercourse in a game that may or may not include sexual intercourse.
If all this isn’t enough, and the man feels guilty because of a problem of lack of erection that is repeated, it is better that the couple go to therapy sexological that tends to give very good results.

Solutions to the problems of erection

Erection problems are, in many cases, a sign of chronic health problems.
Erectile dysfunction organic origin, is in many cases but the sex therapy can help couples to improve and strengthen their relationship.
Tobacco, alcohol, lack of exercise, overweight and sedentary life have relationship with erection problems.
It is important to see a doctor so you can find the origin of erection problems.
The majority of men can take the “blue pill” for treating erectile dysfunction. However, the pill is not effective in all cases.
It is important to maintain open communication with your partner about all aspects of the relationship. If it is difficult to reach an understanding, visits a therapist can help.

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