Spagyric medicine of the alchemists
The Spagyric reborn with much force, today, thanks to the growing interest in therapies that seek to regain health in a holistic way.

What is the Spagyric?

The word Spagyric is originally from Greece and is made up of two roots: Spao (extract) and Ageirein (assemble)
It is a method through which produced natural remedies that help to recover health, taking into account the integrity of the raw materials that is part.
The separation of the constituent elements to purify them later, removing any useless or toxic substance and once achieved this, bringing together them again, free of impurities, are the steps to create an espagirico, full remedy as nature designed it, and free from harmful materials, which gives it very strong energy and great ability to stimulate the vital energy in the human beingwhich is responsible for the processes of self-regulation.

What is it based on?

Each plant, each mineral, each substance is an imput, qualities with specific action on energy, the psyche and the organs that make up the human being. The work of an Espagirista consists in finding the most suitable remedies to recover harmony, function and therefore health.

How can we help?

The Spagyric can help us solve the disorders and dysfunctions of the body, in a respectful way with the biology and a triple performance level.
These remedies are able to show their abilities in all three planes that we are energy, psychic and physical, which alchemists terms known as sulphur, mercury and salt.
Plants are also incorporated these three philosophical substance, and each of them is intended to act in your simile human.
Sulphur: represents the energy that nourishes our mind and our physical. It is the biochemical organic part. In vegetables are essential oils.
Mercury: that relate with the spiritual, conscious and subconscious and means of communication as the nervous system and lungs. Vegetables are sugars that give rise to alcohol.
Salt: it is the structure, the physical body, the coagulation of the energy. In plants it is represented by its mineral salts and trace elements.
When we take an espagirico remedy we are providing triple and dynamic information that makes up our life force, that is, our ability to self-regulation.

Origin and history

It is certainly in Egypt where the practice of Alchemy is situated in a more consolidated manner, although other alchemical practices occur simultaneously in other areas as the Vedic, in India, giving rise to the Ayurveda, or the Taoist which resulted in traditional Chinese medicine.
Islamic culture also provided great knowledge which were added to the already existing and must highlight his scientific paper in the Caliphate of Cordoba, where the Spagyric reached a remarkable development.
In the 16th century figure of Paracelsus is the key that collects and synthesizes the knowledge, being able to integrate the hermetic concepts with new ideas of science, he is the creator of the term Spagyric differentiating it from the term Alchemy.
Currently in Europe, we must emphasize the name of Dr. Joseph Cannillo because it is developing remedies based on espagirico with great rigor and scientific art, which is a magnificent work for the practice of the European espagiristas and for many patients who choose natural therapies.
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