Otitis medium acute purulent in children symptoms and treatment

Otitis  medium acute purulent in children symptoms and treatment-Otitis media – an inflammation of the middle ear, which is the most common ENT diseases . At the heart of otitis media is inflammation of the mucous membrane , which occur in the middle ear . Generally the outer ear consists of parts such as the

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Five nutrients that you may miss your children

Five nutrients that you may miss your children Many children do not reach 5 of essential nutrients – your among them?. The children do not reach the five main nutrients vital to their growth and good health. These substances are calcium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin e and potassium. Your children receive enough of these vital nutrients. Read

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Is it possible to give children extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil – not only useful, but tasty product. It is completely absorbed by the body, and contradictions to him almost none. Invaluable are the benefits of olive oil and pregnant women. This is a beneficial effect on the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus. According to the latest observations, scientists

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traits of gifted and talented children reviews

Talented Kid God Gifted Kid playing Tabla What characteristics distinguish a gifted child from the problems most frequently observed by parents and teachers of gifted children. Thus children have different talents can be expressed, A special category of true gifted children are gifted children. Gifted children: especially of mental development. stages continues to remain the

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national association for the education of young children reviews

National Association for the Education of Young Children early childhood education Provides a list of local resources for the care of children and country and State on young children The National Association for the education of young children. The subject of her work is the upbringing and education of young children. Association for the education

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