Techniques to avoid accumulation of adolescent anger and deal with it

We all know that time flies swiftly and children grow up too quickly just yesterday was still a toddler and now a few years later you have a teenager with all its teenage issues and problems.
Well, one of the main and critical issues of adolescence is an awakening interest in the opposite sex with all the attendant problems, as well as the concern of all parents dispute about when all the same let his growing child dating?!

The very first relationship the child begin to emerge even in school period-at the age of 12-13 year old boys with the girls go for a walk, visit the cinema sessions, shall provide each other with various signs of attention.

Over time, such innocent relationships can go into something more serious, so the parents of 14-15-year-olds of both sexes, it is recommended that you do not hesitate to hold a lecture on sexual education of the child necessarily explaining to the child the need for contraception, as well as the risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Naturally such a conversation needs to view confidential conversations and child realized that parents about it going through and cared for.

At the age of 16-17 years are almost adult children make full and serious relationship and during this period, the task is to support the parents of the teenager in his hobby-welcome trust talk, good advice and the like; It is highly desirable that the familiarity with the child’s choice. Parents also should remember that any prohibitions on socializing with anyone or ultimatums from their side may have the opposite effect and can completely spoil relations with the child.

Techniques to avoid accumulation of adolescent anger and deal with it

In this article I give you the outline of your relationship with your teen or teen daughter. Most teenage problems between mother and father, between the son be related in one form or another of those ten things:

1. responsibility

Maybe you see your son no matter how large. In fact it isn’t, and the teenager in particular sees and understands that now, big enough to blame himself in many things. Connie smart and let him bear the responsibilities can, and ask for them. On the one hand you will appreciate your confidence, on the other hand, you will learn how to take responsibility.

2. respect

Your child workers with respect, treat you with respect. All workers with respect, learn your kid to deal respectfully with all. The rules are easy, simple and convenient. Just stick it out. Do not allow yourself that your child becomes fascinated or over-react, you embarrass him in front of others.

3. clear boundaries

What creates conflict between fathers and sons? Either unjust or rules and boundaries to be blurred. You have to be specific and explicit when doing so does not accept rules concerned and does not allow for misunderstanding. Remember that teenagers are very intelligent to find outlets in those rules!

4. change

Old son. Change. And will change more and more, every month going through change, and change, and think of a million things, and wishes to learn a thing, and leaves a thing. You have to accept the idea of the change until you can handle it and you become a great mother to teenager is wonderful..

5. influence of others

Not alone raising your son and you prefer. There are his friends, and his school, the street, television, and the Internet. Don’t say you check your child and stop all of this. On the contrary, accept this fact and deal with it, you really protect him open to all affected by your son. And if you thing you might deal with care and intelligence. Prevention is not a solution, certainly not to the son in adolescence.

6. friends

Friendship in the lives of adolescents. Because the teenager very interested to be accepted by his friends so affected them until their admiration. My Lord your son since childhood independence and self-confidence to be aware of when dealing with friends and can easily say “no”, and even just good friendship enriched his time and mind and not change it for the worse.

7. trust

I know that the trust may vary from degree to another, depending on what you see from Rush and recklessness of the son, or prudence and of another son. But start by first trust, trust your child and make sure that it is connected you faith. When your child feels that faith will work hard to be good and you don’t lose your confidence.


There is a fine line between support and control. When you come your son asks you for advice or help, show what you think, and let his decision in the end. Do you stick to that implemented your suggestion. Connie to him always.


Let him permanent dialogue, tales, news, discussions. And joint activities. Connie found in your child’s life as a party talk and not just receiving commands or execute his requests. You communicate many things easier. If a good relationship between you and your son will facilitate you, for example, up-to-date registers of smoking or drugs or puberty. Remember also to use the communication skills of quiet talk, and openly. Also learn to negotiate and reach solutions acceptable to both parties.

10. privacy policy

Do you remember when you were a teen and you close the door after you’re settled for yourself alone? You listen to music or write or think about, or even talking on the phone with your friends? Your son will do that too. They accept it with an open mind and respect privacy.

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