Terms conditions contract sale real property by installments

Terms and conditions to the contract of sale of real property by installments-Persons of the contract to make the transaction, which is supposed to installment payment to pay for real estate, are required to establish and register a contract of sale of real estate by installments.

This agreement must be clearly spelled out all the items that are applicable to the contract of sale, and stipulate the time within which to buy property for the full payment will be made and removing the restriction in the form of collateral. In the contract of sale of real estate in which it is assumed mortgage, should be described object of the contract:

apartment, house, land, other real estate. Further, the documents must be specified on the basis of which this property belongs to the seller (sellers). The contract must be present point, which indicates the amount of money for which acquired the immovable property. At this point, there may be mentioned the time within which the buyer is obliged to pay the full amount of the contract. The contract of sale must necessarily present a point on which the seller guarantees that the sold property does not sell, is not inherent or assigned in trust or for rent, hiring.

Should also point out that not customized with real estate in the quality of his contribution to the authorized capital of legal persons have no right to dispose of immovable by third parties, there is a dispute or deny (arrest). At this point can be specified sanctions imposed by the seller, in the case of violations on the conclusion of the contract of sale of real property by installments with appropriate compensation for damages. Important in the contract of sale is a point on which, in accordance with an extract from the house register in the sales apartment house or apartment no registration and no faces, which retains the right to tenure. To this point, need to be extremely careful, as he is concerned, above all, the rights of children and disabled citizens in the use of living accommodation.

The contract also states side or both sides, who bear the costs of its registration and transfer of ownership to the buyer. In the last paragraph of the contract should state that this Agreement is made in three or more copies, of which one copy kept by each of the parties, and one copy retained by the registering authority. After drawing up the contract provided, acts of reception and transmission of title and other documents necessary for registration to the registering authority, they are accepted for registration. In case if the registering authority will not have any issues, the contract of sale of immovable property by installments are recorded and there is a transition of the rights to the buyer with the restriction of his property rights. After making a full payment for real estate buyers and sellers once again come to the registration authority and written statement of withdrawal restrictions. Only when the buyer becomes the full owner of the real estate.

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