The causes are gallstones

The causes are gallstones

Health experts estimate that more than 14 percent of adults around the world are infected with gallstones or they suffered in the past. Today, an Italian study shows what causes this and what are their symptoms, thus giving the traditional therapeutic tips useful. The Professor tells us Vesti, a specialist in diseases of the stomach and intestines, some aspects of these important results.

* What causes are gallstones?

-80 percent of gallstones gallbladder caused by cholesterol. It is an expression (along with diabetes and liver almudhan and obesity) for what is known as the metabolic syndrome. Is the evolution of these gravel lifestyle, and the main risk factors are obesity and diet in calories. As women are the most vulnerable to this threat as a result of the kind of Sloth affects bitterness associated with pregnancy or monthly sessions.

* What are the symptoms of gallstones gallbladder?

-There is no symptoms in 80 percent of cases! There are some disorders as heartburn or stomach bloating or digestion. However, these disturbances occur at the same pace I have is not infected with gallstones. But colic is characterized by soreness in the mouth of the stomach or in the right side. The pain lasts a half hour or full hour and does not disappear even after defecation. Event alarm bell is enough to take a picture of the gallbladder ultrasound to diagnose potential.

* What can patients do?

-Therapeutic strategy lies not only in the gallbladder surgically after colic. The risk of the patient to colic anchored to 50 percent. But the available data we have do not we say that the patient (or class of patients) will suffer from colic. In the absence of dangerous health consequences for the patient, we can avoid temporarily cholecystectomy for therapeutic strategy of periodic health surveillance (with appropriate medication) and tips on improving lifestyle diet.

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