The healthy pumpkin dessert

One of the most useful vegetable crops to date is the pumpkin because it contains a huge number of useful nutrients, minerals, vitamins. Also it is carotene, essential for normal functioning of the human body, vitamin e, which slows down the processes of aging, as well as salt, zinc, potassium, magnesium and other elements that normalize the work of the circulatory system and increase potency in men.

Pumpkin is quickly absorbed by the body, so you can cook different dishes used in the daily menu, such as porridge or cakes. However, most often cooked pumpkin dessert, which is not only tasty, but also useful as this vegetable is rich in fiber, which promotes activities of the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT and stomach. Therefore, the pumpkin is the product, which is primarily to assist infants. In the winter period is especially important question about enriching children’s body to vitamin D, so use it for cooking various porridges, or prepare for a couple. Most children at the age of one and a half years offered a dessert of pumpkin, recipe of which is below.

For dessert, you need one Apple and a piece of pumpkin. Pumpkin and Apple clean and cut in small cubes. All prepared ingredients are placed in a steamer or pan (in this case on her bottom poured a small amount of water) and sprinkle with sugar. Cook the dish must be twenty minutes.

You should know that pumpkin pulp contains monosaccharide and acid, so it is a preventive means from diseases of the liver and kidneys. Pregnant women are advised to take this product to prevent reflexes and reduced toxicity, and pumpkin juice well removes fatigue and normalizes sleep. Most children love to eat pumpkin seeds, but they also have properties. So several times a week, you can treat your child and make him a dessert of pumpkin.

Interestingly, pumpkin came to us from America in the XV century and immediately gained a lot of popularity, since care for it was great work. To date, this vegetable culture can be found on almost every table. However, you should know that by choosing her, you need to pay attention to color and texture. This ripe pumpkin should be a bright color, not tight, but dense. In order to prepare a dessert of pumpkin, you need to pick up a vegetable round small size, in this case, the meat will be juicy and sweet. If after cooking the remaining part of the pumpkin to keep it advised in a dry ventilated area it is stored in the refrigerator no more than four days. And if freeze vegetable, then use it will be possible at any time.

It should be noted that when cooking the Pumpkins lost her taste, so it is best to cook it by steaming or bake that is well suited for the preparation of desserts, but also for these purposes you can use vegetable and raw. Consider the example of how prepared this dessert as the pumpkin with raisins.

This will require two apples, a piece of pumpkin, two tablespoons of raisins, one spoon of honey and sour cream for the filling. Raisins need to water. Pumpkin and apples to rub on a grater, add raisins, honey, all fill the sour cream and stir.

Thus, this vegetable can be consumed raw, as well as bake, to cook for a couple, make it Smoothie and juice, add the batter or cook a dessert of pumpkin. This product is useful in any of his form since has unique properties used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. In addition, pumpkin contains few calories, so it can be consumed in unlimited quantities to those people who have excess weight.

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