The most beautiful varieties of roses

What is a rose? This is the common name of the genus Dog rose that grows person. Only a few varieties are wild, others are obtained by mixing the breeders of varieties carried out for many centuries. It is these colors are most popular among the fairer sex, only some of them are the most beautiful? Oh, it’s a very interesting and at the same time controversial.

Top 3 most beautiful varieties of roses

As they say, the taste and color – no friends, so it’s hard to say which is the most beautiful roses in the world. However, we express our opinion.


beautiful varieties of roses
beautiful varieties of roses

The first place on our list is a hybrid of Gallica roses, descended from the same plant, which was known in Europe before the 15th century. It is believed that a hybrid came about in the 17th century and safely reached our times.

The height of the shrubs reached 1.5 m, diameter of flowers – up to 9 cm, the petals of a lot (200 shares), the color purple, red, pink or striped. The inflorescence consists of a few flowers (usually up to five pieces), which have a very strong aroma. The leaves are green, thick. Bloom long, not more than six weeks. At the same time quite unpretentious and take root in almost any soil, but prone to fungal diseases.

Gloire de Dijon

Another less common, but very beautiful view – Gloire de Dijon, belonging to a class of tea and roses. It is said that at the moment it is almost the only kind of tea roses that are grown today. Others have ceased to grow because of their low endurance.

Ornamental plants, garden. Braves sufficiently low temperatures (according to some sources, up to -15 ° C), shade-tolerant, but still loves the sun and in the cold growing much worse than in the summer. Bush height can reach as much as five meters long and even more – up to 7-8 m. The flowers grow large, cup-shaped, containing about 50 wavy petals, their diameter is approximately 10 cm. As for color, then in most cases it is a yellowish tint, which a bit darker in the center of the flower. In hotter countries, the color may have a pink tone. In the tropics, a rose blooms all year round in colder areas – only in the warmer months.

Rose de Resht

The most beautiful varieties of roses

The last in our list of Rose de Resht – Rose Garden Portland class. When it was launched, this variety today is not exactly known, but it was known in Europe as early as the 17th century. However, after it was destroyed in Europe came from Iran in the mid-20th century. Flower brought a kennel owner Nancy Lindsay, who said that he found in Persia. However, most experts agree that this rose is not Persian roots, and French. Like it or not, we are unlikely to learn.

But back to the description. Thus, the height of the bush Rose de Resht reaches 120 cm, width is approximately 80 cm. The flowers have a spherical shape, with more than 40 petals, have a strong flavor. Sort frost, so it is recommended to grow even in the north of Sweden. It can grow in partial shade, quite resistant to many diseases.

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