treatment for sinus tachycardia

treatment for sinus tachycardia – Sinus tachycardia – is significant palpitations , but maintaining proper heart rhythm. Manage cardiac rhythm is sinus node , the main work consists in generating the impulses that lead to the heart muscle . However, under certain operating conditions, the sinus node is already beginning to generate these pulses with a larger bit rate that is 90 beats per minute.

In medicine distinguish pathological and physiological tachycardia. If a physiological tachycardia, it may be congenital or acquired throughout life. In most cases, congenital form palpitations common in girls of different ages , or in adolescents. As for the acquired physiological tachycardia , it occurs during heavy exercise, after an active exercise, after being in a state of stress or strong emotion .

Causes of sinus tachycardia

Development of pathological tachycardia says that there were problems in the body of the heart , it is myocarditis, heart disease, heart failure in the circulation . Sinus tachycardia can still develop during treatment with drugs that belong to the group of glucocorticoids , is the treatment of anemia or diseases of the internal organs. In addition, among the causes of sinus tachycardia may be due to irritation of the sinus infection , excess blood optimal levels of toxins , increased body temperature , increased acidity in the body , as well as reduction of oxygen in arterial blood , ie, hypoxemia . Quite often, sinus tachycardia becomes companion pregnancy, so this phenomenon is not considered any deviation from the norm . Naturally, during the childbearing women increases the load on the entire body , as a result may be present palpitations .

Symptoms of a sinus tachycardia

Regarding clinical manifestations of sinus tachycardia , then these include : the appearance of shortness of breath, persistent heartbeat , general weakness of the body, the occurrence of vertigo, which can be so severe that the person loses consciousness . In addition, the patient may have pain in the chest , there is fatigue, restless sleep, a feeling of heaviness in the heart, reducing overall performance and deteriorating mood.

Once a diagnosis of paying special attention to the severity of the main symptoms of the disease , its duration and the frequency of their reps. With regard to the treatment of sinus tachycardia , it is prescribed on an individual basis , taking into account the cause of the disease. For example, if the cause of palpitations was the presence of an infectious disease in the body , the treatment is usually aimed at the complete elimination of infection.

Compared to the physiological tachycardia , it usually does not need special treatment , as passes after the disappearance of their own effects on the body of all the factors causing it . To avoid the development of tachycardia doctor advises his patients to give up drinking , bitter chocolate and caffeinated beverages . In addition, during the treatment of a patient need to be protected from strenuous exercise and the emotional turmoil.

In some cases, sinus tachycardia may not produce any symptoms over a fairly long period of time. In other cases, people may find themselves in this disease , if you calculate your heart beats . For example, the pulse of more than 100 beats per minute in a calm and relaxed state says that he has tachycardia . However, for accurate diagnosis will be required electrocardiography . Electrocardiography prescribed to patients in those cases where there is suspicion of a disorder of the cardiovascular system. This procedure is completely painless and safe .

Treatment of sinus tachycardia

Those patients who are diagnosed with a mild form of sinus tachycardia , treatment is usually not needed. The only thing that they can advise the doctor – is regularly undergo electrocardiography, ie twice a year . The basis of the treatment of sinus tachycardia include receiving sedation is phenobarbital, seduksen , valerian , motherwort tincture . If tachycardia is poorly treated , but not accompanied by heart failure , the patient is prescribed atenolol or Isoptin . If there is a combination of tachycardia and heart failure , the doctor prescribes cardiac glycosides , ACE inhibitors .

Prevention of sinus tachycardia

In the prevention of this disease include treatment of those diseases that can have a negative effect on sinus node function . This can be a serious disease of the internal organs or chronic disease for which the patient never paid attention , is an inflammation of the gums or tooth decay . With regard to older people , they have a cause of developing the disease may become atherosclerotic heart disease , whose treatment becomes prevention of tachycardia.

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