Unique stories of Cinderella – four suggestions of books to add to your Princess summer reading list

There are many stories of Cinderella strangers who are not so familiar as a version of Walt Disney’s tale. While Disney has popularized the recognizable history, there are several picture books with different adaptations of the story’s fairytale of Cinderella that worth reading. These stories of Cinderella is sure to entertain anyone who loves the Princess of ash.

One of my favorite stories of Cinderella is Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella, written by Susan Lowell and illustrated by Jane Manning. In this Cinderella Western narrative, the father of Cindy Ellen marries “the orneriest West of the Mississippi woman”. In addition to a rodeo and square dancing, a gun slinging gold fairy godmother and diamond spur, there is a twist to the story. Fairy godmother Cindy Ellen gives some common sense on the young Cowgirl.

This is a wonderful Cinderella story for anyone who likes Cowboys and rodeos and thanks to see Cindy-Ellen to change more than their external appearance. The granting of common sense by Cindy fairy godmother of Ellen is an excellent addition to the story.

Another popular variation of Cinderella story is Cinder Edna by Ellen Jackson and illustrated by Kevin O’Malley. Cinder she and Cinder Edna are neighbors that share similar circumstances (half step which does all the work), but the two girls manage their free time in a very different way. Cinder she sits in the ashes at the end of the day, in contrast to Cinder Edna, motivated self-starting that learns new recipes and new jokes and even earn extra money from residents, doing odd jobs. Both girls go to a dance and meet the Prince (who falls for Cinder her) and his younger brother (who is in love with Cinder Edna). When the clock strikes midnight and the two brothers find the shoes left by the two girls, each one Prince comes with its own way of finding the girl of his dreams.

Cinder Edna is one of the best stories of Cinderella for teaching resources and motivation. Cinder Edna buy her own dress, takes the bus to the ball and has the social skills to tell the brother of the Prince name. The book is intelligent and well worth reading.

Cinder-Elly Frances Minters, written and illustrated by G. Brian Karas is a clever tale of Cinderella that rhyme. Cinder-Elly has two sisters with tickets to a basketball game, but not invite it to attend with them. Fortunately, her godmother who has not seen in years comes in time to her dress for the game, completing the set with glass slippers. In the game of Cinder-Elly retrieves a basketball ball flying and meets Prince charming. While he invites her to go out for pizza, it has a touch and is in the process of execution of House, leave a slipper of glass back.

Daring rhyme this story takes place in New York and has a more modern bride dressing Cinder-Elly is a mini skirt. This book is a good read, especially for those who love basketball.

A final recommendation is Prince Cinders posted by Babette Cole. The main character is a Prince who has a meaning well, although clumsy instead of a fairy godmother of fairy efficient. Prince Cinders is small and thin and has three hairy older siblings who do not treat him well. The inexperienced fairy accidentally becomes Prince Cinders a hairy APE, but he thinks he is handsome. Their inability to take account of anything bad gives you overnight in a disaster, until unintentionally scares and saves a Princess at the bus stop. Since Prince Cinders is too shy, searches Princess for him and after finding it, the teams with the fairy of the Cinder brothers teach a lesson.

A refreshing change protagonist adds interest to the fairy tale. Children can enjoy this book because a male protagonist.

Each of these stories of Cinderella is a nice adaptation to the classic fairy tale. They are each refreshing and well worth reading. Check them out at your local library and have a good Cinderella read this summer.

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