Water for preparation of substrate offerings greenhouses

A vital factor in the cultivation of vegetables and flowers is pure water with a certain chemical and microbiological composition. Exactly the right set of microelements in watering water and absence of harmful substances affect the quantity and quality of the harvest. Important indicators of water as the basis of irrigation are: substrate concentration of salts, the content of toxins (such as sodium, boron, chlorine compounds) content of bicarbonate, the presence of calcium and magnesium.

Unfortunately, often the water used for the preparation of nutrient substrates, has not only failed to meet standards for the cultivation of greenhouse crops, but also contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, which are teeming with water pipes (if you are using the municipal network of culverts), secondary pollutants (using open sources) or excessive concentration of natural microelements type hardness salts, iron, boron, etc.

This problem technologists greenhouses try to fight biochemical drugs or classical filtering systems using the correct cleaning methods with subsequent sedimentation and water connection on the sand pressure filters. However, today there are more efficient methods and technologies to obtain high-quality basics for preparing nutrient watering substrates.

High economic efficiency reveals the use of surface and underground water sources as a source of water supply. To date, our company successfully introduced membrane chemical-free water treatment technologies, showing excellent results in terms of costs to the cost of its cleanup.

The most common use of surface and underground water sources require mechanical cleaning filters with a large capacity. In this case, universal water treatment system that includes the first filtration stage automatic disc filters AZUD series mechanical treatment and pumping stations with intelligent frequency management series “TYPHOON”, ideal for use even in existing water treatment systems in greenhouses using sand filters-irrigation water clarifiers substrate and other technological needs. Such complexes are already widely used in the agricultural sector.

The most qualitative and deep cleansing water to irrigate greenhouses carry out automatic installation of membrane filtration series iceberg and ultrafiltration install Ultra series. These types of filtering equipment allow you to precisely control the set of mineral components watering water: small pores of the membrane filtration modules passed through only H2O molecules and their oxygen and carbon dioxide, effectively lowering the content of dissolved mineral salts and compounds. Water gets rid of alkalinity, toxic trace elements, organic substances, turning in a perfect environment for making watering solutions and substrates.

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